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    Hi guys,
    This is the SBS of my new Warlord Saga figure, it\'s a Dwarf, and his name is \"Drünegar Runekeeper\".
    The size is 45mm, and ist\'s made in epoxy Milliput and Duro.

    This is the concept art, as usual, by Ivan Gil.

    The first concept.

    And the second concept

    The first step is to make a mannequin with the correct proportions.

    The pose

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    you damn god! you should post it in the articles section as well.

    una pasada ya te lo he dicho en el foro... una pasada :D

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    Many thanks for sharing this with us.
    Awesome figure which will certainly make it into my collection.

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    Thats just freaking awesome. I will put this thread in my favs. I love the details in this mini.

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