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    Any tricks to focusing in a hi-macro camera?

    For instance, see this new pic of the High Elf Lord which Dragonsreach painted for me a while back:

    I\'m finding that the parts to the back of the mini are not as focused as I would like them to be. Am I crazy, or does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the whole model to be as crisp as the front?

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    it\'s a depth of field issue, which is related to the aperture (the amount of light let into the camera) set on the camera when you take the photo.

    you need to be in manual or an aperture priority mode; select the smallest (largest number) aperture, probably 8 or 11 on most consumer cameras. The down side is you need a slower shutter speed to compensate and expose correctly, which can lead to camera shake and a blurred image if you don\'t use a tripod.

    Also, the closer you go in order to macro focus, the narrower the depth of field will be.

    you can also try moving the camera away from the subject slightly to increase the depth of field

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    Tripod isn\'t a problem, got that. Will have to play with the new camera some more (manual? I don\'t need no steenkin manual!) to see what aperture settings might be available.


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    no probs Darth......when I said manual, I meant not automatic - what\'s the camera, by the way?

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    Originally posted by Orb
    no probs Darth......when I said manual, I meant not automatic - what\'s the camera, by the way?
    Lol, I just realized the confusion in what I said. I mean the book - as in, like most men, I never read the manual.

    The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 7600. Unfortunately, after actually breaking my own rule and reading the manual, there is no way to adjust the aperture setting on it. SO it looks like I\'ll have to fiddle around with my focal distance.

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    Try putting the camera in \'Landscape scene mode\', it is supposed to maximize depth of field. Also, strong light will make the camera reduce the aperture. A combination of both should give you acceptable results.

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    Hmmm, I\'ll try the landscape mode as well. Thanks!

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    Hmm, well I can\'t do landscape and macro mode together.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Originally posted by darthfoley
    Any other suggestions?
    Just increase distance between camera and mini...

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    Alexi is spot on. the DoF will widen as a result

    Remember, that you image will still be pretty huge at most resolutions, and you rarely want to post a picture 4 or 5 times life size, unless you want to expose Mike\'s brush marks!! lol

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    Yes read the manual. You should have seen the long saga of me trying to figure out how to use the manual mode of my digital camera. Finally I looked at the manual. It mentioned pressing the thumbwheel. Who would have thought that the thumbwheel could also act like a button?

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