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Thread: Dionne - Wyrd competition entry

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    Default Dionne - Wyrd competition entry

    Here\'s my entry for the Wyrd Femme Fatale competition: Dionne from Hasslefree. It\'s a very cool sculpt from Kevin White and it really made me quite sold on his stuff. Expect more Hasslefree minis from me in the future! :D Quite Underworld-inspired paintjob!


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    Pretty good if you like that sort of thing, I guess....:rolleyes:

    Well deserved win!

    Hey, didn\'t you win the last contest over there?

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    wow i love how you separated the two blacks :wow:
    the face and hair great

    btw isnt it kev white

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    btw isnt it kev white
    Quite :P

    Great job :) Blacks all look great! He does a lot of excellent figures.

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    Amazing! Beautiful job on the face and the cat suit...and the boots!

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    Love the paint job, love the base as well:cool:

    Very cool!

    Ironically, I just saw Underworld again last night....;)

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    This mini just knocked me flat on my ass when it came up while voting over at Wyrd :o:wow::cool: Incredible job! The platinum hair and pale skin both just make it jump out at you against the otherwise dark, brooding color scheme. Then, once you get past that, there\'s the wonderfully subtle shading of the pipes and wall in the background. REally, really nice work!

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    an ambitious task to tackle two textures of black and pull it off successfully, which i think you have done well but the lower black, if it is meant to be, could be taken for grey. Difficult to criticise any part, the basing is excellent.. is the shadow on the wall from the photography or is it integral? if so.. awesome. well done.

    ps. how on earth do you guys know of all these competitions? obvious newbie!

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    Originally posted by james sequeira
    wow i love how you separated the two blacks :wow:
    the face and hair great

    btw isnt it kev white
    Yep, you\'re right... :innocent:
    Sorry... wrote that too quickly... I corrected it in the original post!

    Thanks everyone! :flip:

    Yes... I did! :D

    The shadow on the wall is from the lighting set up. It was impossible to eliminate from that angle without shining light straight on the mini and that would cause too harsh reflections on the mini. The lower \'black\' is a dark blue grey shaded with black, so it\'s not pure black.

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    Wonderful paint job. Did the vote thing.
    @ritual do you actually paint the shadows of the pipes on the wall or is it just how the photo is taken. I have noticed it on a few of you mini now (Most likelt the ones with vertical pipes in it) Just wondered.

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    No, the pipes\' shadows are real, from the lighting set up. Unless there\'s a light source on the mini or on the base, I don\'t paint shadows on the base. Thanks for voting! :)

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    Wow...She looks amazing!

    I just started painting two of these up in a very similar colour scheme. You did a great job bringing her to life and the base is excellent - very inspiring!

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    I voted for this one. :D


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    I really really like this one. voted & commented. :)

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    Fantastic work! No more to say:D

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    Some of the best blonde hair I\'ve seen on a mini, ever.

    The blacks are very well done too. Wicked!

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    she really stuck out when browsing through the entries. great job

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    Well, this is absolutely superb. Hate just gushing only over a mini, but having got this through the post recently, and knowing just how SMALL she is, it\'s as near perfect a paint job as you\'ll get.

    nice one

    and doesn\'t Kev sculpt so well!

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    Thanks again, everyone, for the comments! :)

    Be sure to post your versions here when you\'re done! :) I\'d love to see what you do with this sculpt!

    Yes, Kev is an amazing sculptor. You don\'t realise just how good he is until you hold one of these tiny minis in your hand and see how delicate they are.

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