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    Hey again, Kids.

    Here\'s my LoTR single entry for the 2006 Atlanta GD. Proud to say he took gold.




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    Love it love it love it!:D

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    Very nice work, for sure. This model is a tough one to compete with---and even tougher in a dark NMM. Cool stuff dude.

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    Sweet! Looks like a smooth job, and you even managed to make him look interesting! :) I can spot some small shifts to orange on the mini like it was OSL cast by the lava, but I\'m not sure it\'s intentional. If it is.. you need to make them a bit less subtle! :) Some more OSL from the lava could have been an idea anyways.

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    Dammit this was a great mini. LOTR was a very tough category this year what with this Sauran and the amazing Goldberry. Excellent work.

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