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    Default CAD and digital milling for conversions

    I\'ve worked with a lot of 2D vector plot and CAD modeling tools over the years for various work projects - and I\'d considered applications for them after I got back in to painting. After I saw Scibor\'s work and his disclaimer:

    \"Green parts with paterns and texts are pressed in greenstuff in designed by me in 3Dmax molds. Molds are cuted by digital milling machine.\"
    I really got to wondering which tools would present me with the best options. I\'ve started work on a couple of conversions that I know will push my limits - and I\'d love to be able to include some really detailed scrollwork.

    Does anyone out there have suggestions or experience with digital milling machines? I\'d love some input before I start trying to wade through the morass of the interweb.


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    have you tried pm\'ing scibor?

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    have you tried pm\'ing scibor?
    I suppose I should have mentioned that, yes, I\'ve sent a note to Scibor. It\'s been about a month and I haven\'t heard back on this one -- although I have gotten replies from him on other topics in the past.

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    You\'ll need to scout about for a company that will make the moulds for you. Scibor uses a company in Poland and they don\'t sound that expensive. Could be worth a Google or three....

    As for buying a machine, I would suggest that a decent quality one to work at 28mm scale would cost an absolute packet. I\'d be really interested in any info you could get your hands on too....

    This thread is good. Some cool links too....

    Some info here too...

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    Thanks for the link, Spacemunkie. I took some ideas from the thread and found out that my local plastics manufacturer can and will do small batch 3D molds. I\'ll look in to the price and post some details. Within the next couple of months hopefully I\'ll be able to post some examples as well.

    This could make my Slaanesh conversion of a Penitent Engine much, much more fun...

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    where do you live mrj?

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    Not exactly what you are looking for but interesting none-the-less.
    GW using CAD/CAM
    I don\'t think that for personal use this would be affordable:D.

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    Dont\' forget to press-mold some GW heads. Those aren\'t so easy to do on the computer. :)

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    Originally posted by elouchard
    Dont\' forget to press-mold some GW heads. Those aren\'t so easy to do on the computer. :)
    Oh my. I have to say I really didn\'t expect someone to jump on him for that here. Wow.

    Actually, I probably will press some heads. Right now I\'m really wishing I could do it to the Forgeworld warp amp sitting on top of the EC dreadnought. I\'d like to use the detail but don\'t want any of the model.

    where do you live mrj?
    I live in Sacramento, California, USA

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    Yeah, I reckon he already got a good enough mauling over the head thing. And he did sculpt some of his own afterwards.....

    MrJ: Please do post anything you can. I\'d love to see pics and find out what software you\'re using. Seriously considering it myself.

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    You could try this:

    Do note thought that the machine that GW uses is a specialised machine which can reach angles and areas that most machines can not. I think that most workshops are not equiped to deal with something as complex as a face (well, affordably).

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    I\'m not too worried about being able to mill 3D effects - this is more for detailed 2D items similar to the shields and icons that Scibor uses regularly.

    I\'ll check out eMachineShot and talk to my local plastics manufacturer and keep everyone posted. Er, no pun intended.

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    2d shouldn\'t be a problem. Not sure what you want to make but etching and engraving are two other techniques suitable for 2D. Both can be done using cad information.

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    Does anyone know where I might find posts regarding common measurements? Thinks like the size of a marine head, pauldrons, legs, etc.

    I\'m working on a couple of very quick 2D designs to send to the plastics shops and want to throw a couple of more complicated shapes their direction as well.

    Here are two thirty second examples of what I\'m thinking about - the final versions of these would wind up leg plates on my Slaanesh Penitent Engine conversion:

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    Don\'t forget to put the text mirrored. :)

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    Originally posted by minimaker
    Don\'t forget to put the text mirrored. :)
    You know, I probably would have. Duh.

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