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    Default Once again. I *HATE* GW

    I got my entry back today from the Canadian LOTR National competition. Or should I say, whats left of it (Gamling mounted w/flag). Much to my surprise when I received it it was in a small box with a single napkin. Yes thats it, a single napking loosely tucked into the box. I knew that was not good and confirmed that notion when I unravelled my entry and found it completely ruined...


    There were gouges all over the figure , and I dont mean small. I mean chunks and layers of hard worked blending stripped. The base was shattered and was even missing peices (wth did they do? throw them away???) His banner top was completely stripped and bent backwards. The legs on the horse were bent sideways and the paint was peeling due to that as well.

    I really dont know what to say. I spent over 30 hours painting my entry and was fuming when I saw what my time and money spent on the figure had returned to me in. Could those jerks not have packaged it any better? Do they not know how to ship things?



    That is the LAST time I let them take my figure to send away for some competition. Or should I say, send away to be utterly DESTROYED.

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    Man, I\'m really sorry to hear that. I guess that\'s a lesson for all of up: Never let GW handle your minis :(

    Did they at least say they were sorry?

    Do you think the mini is fixable?

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    I emailed them yesterday , but somehow I doubt they will say anything.


    I dont think that would be possible considering the blending is all chipped. To make the layers look cohesive again I would have to repaint the entire model, otherwise the touch-ups would be out of place and splotchy.

    Blah. Im probably going to just chuck the figure out. I dont feel like repainting it nor do I want to muck around with trying to redo a figure I already spent numerous days painting.

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    Woah, that sounds really bad!

    I guess that some of that damage was done before it was shipped back to you from the sounds of it?! Maybe someone decided to play football with your mini, or maybe it fell foul of \'clumsey oaf\' syndrome!? I really hope GW compensates you for such shoddy handling.


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    Big Mean Elf

    Default Fhuck `em!


    Sorry to here this man...

    wanna go kill `em?
    I`m BIG and can be VERY MEAN,lets go beat on some game nerds!

    I was always wonder`n about this,all them care free black women look`n like a opera fan club at the last few GD`s scared the hell out of me,I mean could GW hire better help at \"The Worlds\" b...e...s..t.. art comp?


    Anyhow,take care and let us know what happen`s.


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    really sorry to hear that... :(
    i feel your pain. :innocent:

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    Ya - that totally sucks!!

    Which is why I wouldn\'t send an entry like that via the mail. EVER.

    If I couldn\'t attend in person then forget it . . . If the odds were you\'d never got back what you submitted then f*** it . . .

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    You\'re are not the only one. One of the fellows on the GW LOTR forum posted a link to his Legolas and Gimli mounted and the Legolas\'s arm was broken off! Obviously someone at GW mangled more than one figure :flame:

    Thankfully I got my Eomer back untouched in one piece.:bouncy:

    I can\'t believe the incompetence of the GW folks in this matter. At least an explanation/ refund would be in order..:flame::flame::flame:

    I hope this works out for you.

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    Naw, I didnt have insurance because it was the GW store here in my city that shipped it and received it. So it was either the main HQ or the store here that doesnt know how to package delicates. Im almost sure its the HQ however as i\'ve heard horror stories as well from angry people on forums venting about how GW has busted their figs , lost peices and so on and so forth for painting competitions like this. I knew about this before my fig was sent away and I somehow felt this would happen.

    Is GW this cautionless that this has happened before on numerous occassions? I mean come on, I should call the Better Buisiness Bereau on them. They had my property and I did not sign any wavers that said \'in case we **** up your mini we are not liable\' I should be able to get them in trouble for something.

    Does GW really care about its customers? Somehow through the years , all signs point to No from what Ive seen/heard/experienced.

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    Hee, get enough people with \"before\" and \"after\" pictures and you could have a class action. Use eBay prices for painted pieces to determine market value. That\'ll get them sitting up in a hurry, probably quite a quick out of court settlement too.

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    Took some pics.. look for yourself if you like. You be the judge on how it is.

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    Default That\'s bad, man ...

    That\'s too bad, Zilo. I can\'t imagine something like this happening to any of my minis. That\'s heartwrenching...

    Frankly speaking, you can\'t get anything out of this. GW will claim innocence and push the blame to improper shipping or handling...otherwise, some chap at GW will just take the rap and they\'ll fire him. I have a friend who sent something to GW tournament at Australia. What he did was to encase the mini in a display container. It kinda serve him well.

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    Was your model varnished? I know it wouldn\'t have stopped most of the damage though.

    Here\'s what I\'d do. Send GW head office an invoice for your model. Whether it was head office or the local store that f***ed it up doesn\'t matter. Head office should be responsible for their stores actions! Total amount on your invoice should include the cost of the actual model as well as the cost of your paint job. The paint job alone would probably garner at least £100 from the right buyer!

    Send your invoice, a covering letter, and photo\'s of the damage to GW. Tell them that if the full amount is not paid within 28 days you\'ll invoice them again and add interest.

    Keep copies of all correspondence!!!

    Worth a try eh? :D

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    Default post it!

    That is, if you don\'t mind your average going down. I\'d do it. Post the mangled mini and let us judge it. If you have before and after pictures that would be even funnier.
    Bad customer service is one thing, and I can live with that. But destruction of your personal property is wrong (assuming you paid for the mini). If the box was unscathed then there is no reason to blame the mail. You need to send GW pictures and a long, hand written letter explaining what happened and that if they want to renew your faith in their business they will promptly send you a free replacement. Shipping and handling on them.


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    I know nothing can restore what has been lost.

    Perhaps you could build something out of it.
    I\'m thinking of something along the line of \"crappy mini or not\" on Zaphod\'s site, but in reverse.
    Since so many people seem to have had this problem, get those other angry folks to do \"before GW handled it\" and \"after GW handled it\" pictures on a web gallery.

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    Welp, things were kind of settled today. I contacted the GW HQ here in Canada but they dumped the problem on the store manager here. I feel quite bad for having to get the manager here to sort things out as he\'s a nice guy and this sorta thing is not really pleasant to deal with. Thank you James! :)

    He apoligized rather much although I didnt really want to hear it from him as it wasnt his fault.( I appreciated his kindness however) I wanted the guys actualy responsible for the shoddy ethics to own up to it and be straight-forward themself. I understand the fact that they wanted the compensation face to face for better customer relations , but to me that just is not right when someone is taking the wrap for someone else.

    I got a free fig out of the deal (Grey Knight Capt. Stern) and a bag of static grass. He offered more but I just really did not want to put the vice on him and make him pay for it.

    I will surely make note of not to send away any more pieces though as I am heeding the advice of you guys that it just isnt worth it. Especialy from others I have seen and heard from that have had losses due to the same issue.

    Im thankful things were straightened out in a somewhat awkward sorta way, but I would have rather heard something from the actual guys I laid blame on. Oh well, live , learn and always take caution with GW. I hate to say it, but the big guys running the show are starting to get way out of touch with us gamers and that makes for a poor attitude torwards them and their employee\'s who certainly do not deserve the anger they usualy are regarded with.

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    Hmm...Glad it kind of worked out for you in the end Zilo.

    But...I\'ve got that sinking feelin\' ... :|~ ... haven\'t even got my entry back yet, which strangely enough was a Gamling with Banner as well. Since I finished it just in time I don\'t even have a before photo. Doh!

    Think I\'m just going to put my head down on my keyboard till the dizziness passes.

    Darkblade :o

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    well in the worlds of Adam Carolla \"they should have their hands cut off!\"lol
    its sad to see the damage on your fig btw the banner kicks major butt(did ya know it was agianst contract to mask or misspell vulger worlds?:( )! as does the rest of the figure i\'ll vote it an nine ........

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    Default Good grief.....

    Just looked at the pics of your damaged model and its awful. I\'d break my heart if that happened to one of mine.

    Perhaps I\'ll email GW here in the UK and see what they say about it all - afterall they should be aware of incidents like this.

    Very comendable of you not to take out your frustration on your local store, don\'t know if I could\'ve been so nice :(

    BTW, the painting on the figure looks great, even in this poor condition.



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