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    Default AoL\'s new commercials

    Am I the only one that finds AoL\'s new commercials offensive?

    Some kid shows up to the pool and beats all the good swimmers.

    Some family in a canoe beats all the 6 man boats in a race.

    I understand they are saying you should go as fast as everyone else on the net, but it is almost saying you can buy your sports - no sweat investment required. Kinda like someone buying a mini and entering it as his own in a painting contest.

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    Work, HARD work, incentive, patients, earning something, personal responsibility - Dying species. Too bad, the rewards from those things FAR outstrip the monitary rewards from doing it the easy way.

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    Default I dunno...

    If it\'s on TV I probably haven\'t seen them and if it\'s on AOL itself.... I still wouldn\'t know as I have set my control panel to block all animated media from AOL as their expanding eBay ads did my head completely in:duh:

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    I don\'t find it offensive.
    I don\'t think I have ever found the use of metaphore to be offensive.

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    Well, I\'m not finding much in the way of offensive...I find that stupid advertising only speaks to the banality of the advertisers, not society in general.

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    Airhead - I havent seen a commercial in 4 months.

    Other than that, I have always found AOL\'s agressive advertising a bit much.

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    It\'s AOL - it\'s pretty much specifically aimed at the bottom of the Internet food chain. What do you expect?


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    Well I\'m glad I\'m not alone in disliking AOL.
    Their Internet Browser has caused me too much lost time when stupid A***s loaded it onto their laptops.
    It\'s registry entries caused no end of problems.

    Besides which as Darth said it\'s aimed at the bottom end of the Internet Browser food chain. (Almost as many holes in it\'s \"Security\" as Microsoft, but not as publicaly villified for it.)

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    Dude, step away from the TV.
    If you find that offensive do not watch the news, do not read the newspaper, and log off of the internet as soon as you read this.:P

    Which reminds me my friends and I got together a few weeks ago and we were talking computers, when one of my friends started talking shit about how cool his computer was. (Which I should know I built it, and him with a computer science degree, and can\'t even change out RAM.:rolleyes: )
    When I turned to him and said \"Dude, WTF, you\'re on AOL.\"
    He turned bright red.

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    Yeah. I always thought AOL was for the computer inept. No to be rude. But for people who aren\'t too computer savvy. So, I can see why the commercial is...tacky(?)

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    Hey, I resemble all of the above remarks, I am computer inept, and I am on AOL:P:moon: and I am OK with that!


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    There\'s nothing particularly wrong with AOL if you just use your computer to potter around on the internet. But if you\'re a person who uses the computer for other things than I\'ve heard AOL is really really annoying.

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    They are trying to convince people that they are just as fast as people with a direct connection. This is pure bull$hit, because a user first has to go through THE AOL network before retreiving anything from the net. Anyone with any common sense knows the fastest way between two points is a straight line. They are going the way of the dinosaur, and if it weren\'t for all the billions they made in the intenet\'s infancy they\'d be dead in the water now.

    On the bright side, my wife and I both got letters from an attorney yesterday who is suiing Microsoft. There are four products involved, and my wife and I are both eligible for ALL of the refunds. Since it only works out to be a couple bucks per product, it isn\'t going to be much of a check, but it still feels good knowing Millions are coming outta Bill Gate\'s pockets.


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    Heck, I\'m not \"computer savy\" but I dislike AOL too.
    Mainly it\'s their browser. It absolutely sucks and won\'t let you change the way it opens.
    That said I used AOL exclusively for years - but only because every time I called to say I was cancelling they gave me another free month. I think I got 2 whole years of internet access without paying for it. Now I use DSL from Verizon though, and the bill hurts.

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