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    Default Comments?

    I think it\'s a bit boring that only the \"best\" modells get comments.

    I would like some comments on this one:

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    like what kind of comments are you looking for? to be running an average \'7\' here after almost 100 votes should tell you something ;-) this is a rough board for comments.
    Your picture looks like you sharpened it a bit too much in photoshop, so it looks a bit grainy. the models eyebrows give her a frankystein look, unless you do something to smooth it out (very light green paint is an excellant all around eyeshadow for women) even tho she\'s a combat chick, and they don\'t do makeup in the field, it might help take the ugly outta her face. or even some camoflauge makeup would be nice, or even the football/baseball black stripes under the eyes.
    other than that, the rest of the model came out sweet. but, if your going to throw in street litter (the can) why not make a more urban base, instead of the suburban one you did.

    well, some random thoughts for you

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default Sniper Babe

    It\'s definitely a great model, and well painted too, but I think you could spend more time with prep. Especially helpful might be buffing the piece with a medium sized wire brush before priming. I use a Forney #70491; it\'s perfect for bringing skin and cloth to a nice shine before priming. Sometimes I find it helpful to rub pitted areas with Milliput, and polish them up a bit after it\'s dried. After all, the best paintjob in the world will look lame on a bumpy, pitted model!


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