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    Default Kult of speed WAGHHH

    Lets discuss the ork kult of speed..

    Which unit would be best to loot for this army? Im feeling a Space Marine preditor...is that allowed? Please help...maybe even a rhino?(transport)...

    Are they a winning army? or a fun army?

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    Well the one people mostly take is the basilisk, because it is ordnance and does not need to rol to hit.

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    Efficiency-wise the basilisk and leman russ are very good but are very common. You don\'t need to use your BS with them so they\'re good (and orks like ordnances).

    Other can be good too but they rely on your BS so it\'s risky.

    A land raider can be nice too but is rather expensive. Imagine a retinue of mega-armored nobz and warboss jumping out of a AV14 vehicle. Nasty news but a 800 pts+ unit.

    Nowadays the more I play my orks, the less I loot vehicles.

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    I love the Cult of Speed. Definitely go with a Basilisk. My Wild riders sure hated them.

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    As pointed above best choice are Basilisk and Leman Russ (simple or demolisher).
    My self tested Chimera with 2 heavy flamers... Works nice as you don\'t need to roll to hit and have one more transport for regroup.
    And another intresting choice is hellhound... Yes, you need to roll BS, but if you miss you have to roll 4+ to hit :) And inferno cannon just rocks.

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    Once you go Demolisher you never go back.

    Then again I\'ve also tried a Land raider, a Basilisk, and three rhinos.

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