Opinions on new golden daemon book?
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Thread: Opinions on new golden daemon book?

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    Default Opinions on new golden daemon book?

    What do you think of the GD2005 book?
    One again it is free with WD, unlike last year when they charged £6 (which made me decide to stop buying WD).

    However the quality is vastly inferior. There is no card cover, it\'s paper, and the inner pages are of magazine quality, the whole thing is vastly inferior to the free 2002/3 free versions. It is also 1/4 of the size of the 2004 £6 edition.

    I was kind of glad that it would be free with WD this year, but now that I\'ve stopped buying WD I have effectively paid £4 for an inferior GD book (WD is as bad as ever). I would have preffered paying £6 for a good booklet.

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    Hey at least you get to see the images from the show.. GW still seems to operate under the theory that no one outside the UK want\'s to see pictures of the miniatures. If were lucky our WD in a few months might have 6-10 pictures of the gold winning entries and thats all.

    Id gladly pay $30-40 for a nice hard bound book each year for pictures of all the GD winners world wide and other runner up entries and I\'m sure others would too.

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    Well, yes; the free booklet is very poor indeed! The pictures are poor, generally too small and there\'s simply not enough of them. And your logic of costing £4 if WD isn\'t your thing makes it a complete waste of money is right on the mark. And the paper quality....sheesh; it was described to me as toilet paper! Not even as good quality as WD itself

    It shows how GW aren\'t really into the Demons at all, IMHO. Their interest is in the gaming and selling big armies, not a few miniatures to the painters who compete in the event.

    And it seems that the rest of the world get short changed too.

    A hardback special of the worlds winners would be nice, but even a special WD produced annually with all the winners would be more welcome. Military Modelling magazine do one for Euro Militaire each year...............

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    Originally posted by Dammekkos2

    ...I have effectively paid £4 for an inferior GD book...
    Hey, look on the bright side: you got a free WD with that £4 book lol

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    Originally posted by reverend
    Originally posted by Dammekkos2

    ...I have effectively paid £4 for an inferior GD book...
    Hey, look on the bright side: you got a free WD with that £4 book lol
    That\'s not a bright side.
    The best part of the book was seeing the CMON\'ers in the line up.

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    I tried to paint a silver lining, but the glitter fell off :(

    Is it all the GD stuff from all round the world in \'05?

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    Given all the Golden Demons around the world now(I count 11, Atlanta, LA, Baltimore, Chicago, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia), why not have a Golden Demon section in every issue of White Dwarf?

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    There we are then, it\'s a round 12! That\'s one a month forever and ever. Amen!

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    Default LOL...

    Reading this...I almost felt sorry for GW for about one nanosecond:D

    I can imagine some \'suit\' spluttering indignantly, \"Well WTF DO they want!!\".

    And that\'s the whole, sad point really..GW have lost touch.

    I reckon I could turn that company around in two years.....:bouncy:

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    I\'d cream off all their profit and give it to the Battersea Dogs Home. After turning it around of course. :wow:

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    Default Good idea..

    But then you could make exclusive, Ltd Edition minis of dog breeds and sell them for a fortune at dog shows...:bouncy:

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    I\'d have a Great Dane choking on a Terrier for a laugh!

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    Its not just the GD booklet thats made of poor qualitypaper.... It seems to me that this issue of WD magazine itself is of lighter weight paper. Or is it just me. ???

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    The idea of an article every month is just great... but once again, is there REALLY an official Golden Demon in Russia, where they give the same stattuetes and all? ive heard it in cmon but have never find any info in GW sites or anything, i just think its the most important competition in russia and mostly are GW minis entered and they call it GD... anyone knows about it?

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    the event is the russian equivalent of a games day. the painting comp is called \"crystal hammer\" and they do get a trophy (albeit not a demon shaped one)

    the russian version, much like the polish one is run by the distributor for that country and GW people go over to help out although it is not an official games day or golden demon (they they don\'t have enough support to organise a full games day for those countries)

    i was disappointed by the book, and by the photos produced. it is strange that some of the pics reproduce much worse than others and even the way some of the guys who brought along their minis to the studio still ended up with poor shots. :(

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    Originally posted by tentoone
    Its not just the GD booklet thats made of poor qualitypaper.... It seems to me that this issue of WD magazine itself is of lighter weight paper. Or is it just me. ???
    yes the whole thing is printed on cheaper paper, although really that shouldn\'t be an issue to us

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    It\'s got to be an issue with the printing..? The images seem pretty fine at the UK homepage.. and those are from the event. But generally they aren\'t very good in the book. Especially the pics on David Waeselyncks entry are very poor.. overexposed and bad detailing. Richards Stedmans squad seem to have a yellow tint to them. The entire booklet seems pretty amateurish IMO.

    But I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was in the booklet as a runner up for the lotr. :) yey!

    This would be a good time to post the good pictures I took at the GD.. but unfortunately one of my hd\'s got a bootsector virus. I\'m not sure I\'ll ever be able to retrieve the information. :(

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    The poor quality paper was explained on GW site a while ago, but they have taken the message away. Apparently the paper supplier got the order wrong or something, and they did not have time to reprint. As for the GD book itself, it wasn\'t much worse than last year\'s, although the photos were too small on the whole, you could at least see what they were, and that was what I was waiting for :)

    Happy painting


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    Bill, I\'ve got to say this:

    You are scarily articulate for a guy who has just turned the 13yrs old you say you are. Stop it, you\'re freaking me out lol

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