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Thread: When in Rome.

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    Just checked and the series 1 DVD\'s will not be out till September over here in the Netherlands. :(

    @Wiccanpony: Er, why do you need 12 nude Kevs in miniatures?

    @Ebonbuddha: why miniature? ;)

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    :innocent:Minimaker....because real nude male minis are very rare, if I hang on to them long enough, their value will go up and until they do, I can still look and hold them and get cheap thrills ;) lollollol

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    Ah, I thought you were thinking of making a palanquins with nude carriers or something like that.

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    i\'m fond of italian history, and i can say i never seen a bunch of bad mistakes and rude words that never existed in latin like in Rome... i suggest to the movie director a totally review on Latin history :P

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    Rome is one of my favourite series...es. HBO rocks.

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    Originally posted by Tony Maneroi suggest to the movie director a totally review on Latin history :P
    As usual the director has taken some artistic liberties. :( Can\'t help wondering if that is because they don\'t know better or if it\'s all on purpose. Show was nice though. :)

    Wikipedia has a nice article on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rome_(TV_series)
    If you use the links to the individual pages you also get info on errors they found as well historical backgrounds and so on. Perhaps you should add a few notes too.

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