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    Default The Grand National

    Is anyone having a bet? I\'ve just put £20.00 on Direct Access to win - doubtless it\'ll be £20.00 down the swanny but £500 if it does win :D

    Who are you backing ^^

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    Not if you win lol

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    I\'ve got Sir OJ on the sweepstake in work and also another one called Billericay or something like that. I might be wrong there. If I win I stand to make a whole £20 lol

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    My wife got 4th though each way so we ended up ahead :D

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    Woohoo! I had the first and fourth in the works sweepstake. Stuck a fiver on the second, Hedgehunter, also. Still up on the day tho.
    Must admit to loving a punt on the nags. Yes, it is a waste of money, but then so is any hobby/addiction. :)

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    My view of gambling is somewhat skewed after seeing my (ex) father-in-law gamble away his business and two family homes. The mother-in-law didn\'t find out until the bailiffs turned up....

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    I\'m not a big fan of gambling either to be honest, but once a year is a bit of a larf :)

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    Wow, thats rough Spacemunkie. Guess the man had that self-destructive gene....
    Hope your family got through it all \'okay\'...

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    OK, I have to ask...I\'ve gathered this is gambling on something, but what in the heck are you people talking about?


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    £80 won from each way bet on Hedgehunter!

    I\'m very happy:)

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    I agree with Darthfoley. WHat the hell are you taking about? Are you gambling on horses? ????????????

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    Default The Grand National....

    Biggest UK horse racing event of the year. Millions of people who never normally bother have a \'flutter\' on the National.

    I have an abhorrence of gambling as I feel it is a waste of good money that could otherwise be spent on alcohol...but each to their own:D

    I understand no horses/jockeys died this year which is a bonus...It\'s a pretty gruelling event....

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    Thanks Finn!

    I kinda thought that was what y\'all were on about. :D

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    I had bloody Ballicassidy (sp?) on the sweepstake and he was walking it all the way until he fell unchallenged at the front in the last quarter of the race lol

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    HUGE BET Dammekkos2, (by my standards anyway). The odds on Hedgehunter were never better than 6-1 on the day..... so you must have put on at least £160 each way. £320 in total to have made a profit of £80.
    Nice one. Makes my £5 on him to win look puny!

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    Unfortunately one horse was killed in the race. Thyneandthyneagain, it was.

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    Betting confuses me. Help!

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    Mine fell at the fifth hurdle :( £5.00 down. i don\'t know jack about racing and my horses performance showed that :( Damn i\'d rather it be running last all the way at least that way i could of carried on shouting at my t.v. to help make it run faster. This is a tactic what gamblers seam to do so if its good enough for them its good enough for me...well not in this case :(

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    Well Rev\'.... You can bet to win or each way. Each way means that half your stake is bet for the win and half for a place. In the National the places were 1st to 4th. Place odds on the National were a quarter of the odds... so if you bet each way on a horse @ 6-1 and it is placed but doesn\'t win your place part of the bet is payed out @ your stake x 1.5.
    So if Dammekkos2 had £160 each way (£320 total) on Hedgehunter @ 6-1 the WIN part of the bet is lost, because it didnt win.
    The PLACE part of the bet was okay, the horse finishing second, so £160 x 1.5 = £240. The £160 place part of the bet is also returned.... so Dammekkos2 would collect £400 from the bookies.
    £160 x 1.5 = £240 + the £160 place stake = £400. To work out the profit its the £400 collected - £320 that was your total bet anyway, =£80. Remember the bookie kept the £160 part of the win bet because the horse was only placed.
    Long winded but i hope it makes sense ???

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