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Thread: My first sculpt - Need help!

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    Default My first sculpt - Need help!

    I have never sculpted an entire model before, but I thought I should give it a try.
    I have sculpted before, but not entire models, so I really need some help.
    I need advice on how to start sculpting it, what materials i should use, what tools etc.

    The model in my mind is the servitor from the game Dawn of War. I chose this model because it looks cool, and it does\'nt look too hard to sculpt it.

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    hop over to and check the FAQ there. There is enough info in there to keep you busy for a while.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Default Sculpting

    Well if you have never done any major sculpting before lets start with basics .First you need a couple of good referance books on anatomy, preferably ones with some illustrations of a front on male nude.When you have worked out the size of your creation get a photocopy shrunk to the exact size of your piece .Next step you MUST get a set of calipers,these will help you translate the info from your photocopy to your armature.Milliput is probably the best putty to use for a beginner, once dry you can carve and machine it .Useing your scale photocopy as a guide sculpt a basic Pelvic and Thorasic girdle,remember to make it slightly smaller because minis bulk up alot when adding the clothes.When the girdles are dry get some wire which is fairly thick but still bendy and drill holes in your girdles to take the wire to create your armature.Use your plan and build your wire man,(wire spine and arms and legs).Next I tend to use a head ,hands and feet from some other source and I add them .Always check your proportions against your plan usng your calipers. Now when thats all completed you should have a fully posable wire man.Use your calipers to mark your joints(knees/elbows ) and start bending the armature to the pose you require.When your satisfied with the pose flesh out the armature with Milliput ,use your anatomy books to get the basic muscle groups right ,add some super glue to your wire to help the Milliput stick.Remember keep the figure skinny as sculpting the clothing will add quite a thick layer of putty.Finaly take care using resin putties they can affect your skin especially if your sensitive. Have fun , take your time and always check the figures proportions BEFORE adding clothing, screw up there and it will magnify when dressing the armature! GOD bless .............VINCENTI:duh::Dlol

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