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Thread: Identify this mini please....

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    Default Identify this mini please....

    While browsing Something Awful, I once again came across this picture:

    Can anyone identify this mini for me?

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    I would hazard a guess of Mage Knight due to the base.

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    Mage Knight Whirlwind Amazon Mancatcher

    Looks like that one has been repainted, but by the curve of the weapon, and the base, I\'d say it\'s the same one.

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    What a difference a pain job makes!

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    That mini was also available as a metal miniature unpainted, and it is indeed Mage Knight. I think I still have one in my unpainted box. I figure it won\'t be hard to make it look better than the plastic mini out of the box.:cool:

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    Originally posted by vincegamer
    What a difference a pain job makes!
    lol Vince, was that a Freudian slip?

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    Sometimes a banana is just a banana, but it can still make you slip.

    I suppose as it\'s a \"man-catcher\" it might have been.

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    Default You\'re all wrong

    You\'re all wrong actually. It\'s a very bizarre coincidence, but I just by chance looked at this thread, and then, in an entirely seperate moment of boredom, went to fantization and started looking at the Iron Wind ral partha classics. Lo and behold:

    and I would have believed Mage Knight too....

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    Since Jubilee posted a link showing it to be a mage knight product with a clix base I would assume that this is that product and not the Iron Wind sculpt that slidedog was talking about.

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    Default oops

    \"You\'re all wrong\"

    Boy I sounded like a jerk. Sorry! Was just suprised to find the mini!

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    Heh... check that out. Hadn\'t realized wiz kids was using some of the old ral partha molds for their mage knight line. I guess that would be the ultimate insult to wish on GW: have wiz kids buy them and then have them produce globby, rubbery space marines in random booster packs?

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    Don\'t worry about it. I think we all got the gist that you were surprised - at least, since you explained the coincidence.

    Of course, as the only dif seems to be the base, I think it is the Mage Knight piece. The question then is what\'s the connection to IW?
    In other words, did someone make it for the MK game and cast one under IW\'s name or vice versa?

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    Don\'t know who made it first but this is not the first mage Knight and Iron Wind figures that look almost alike. Aside from the base the only differance is the sculpts hair and even then it looks like the mage Knight figure has a pony tail andf the IW one doesn\'t. But then again the IW is in a slightly differnat pose and might be hideing the extra hair.

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    Default Actually..

    If you go to the Iron Wind Metals website, you see that these models are listed under the \"Mage Knight Metal\" section. Mage Knight had a short-lived metal range. Ral Partha Europe actually has more of the models available in their webstore.

    I think the older Mage Knight Metals actually came with the clicky base, so that model may well be a metal version (I believe they were intended to be compatible with the plastic figures in gameplay).

    I think that Ral Partha produced the MKM under license, much as IWM produces Arcana Unearthed under license, or Reaper used to produce Exalted.


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