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    Default Favorite Table Top game to play

    Just wondering what people have the most fun playing with. I personally never played any of these games. I\'m afraid I may get addicted to them. hehe.

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    I played WFB once, and about 20 years ago I used to play D&D (more often RuneQuest) with miniatures.

    For gaming I prefer the tactical board games. Most anything by Avalon Hill but especially Magic Realm and Kingmaker.

    That said, I am working on a WFB High Elf army I picked up cheap and hope to play some games with this summer.
    Oh! and I\'m working on painting up a mind-blowing Space Hulk game! Anyone remember Space Hulk? When you see mine you will know I have lost my mind.

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    Default ah yes..

    I remember space hulk. I never played it, but it looked soooo cool.

    I keep promising my daughter that I will teach my daughter Mordheim or WFB, (i have never played either, but have the rulebooks) But, I am waiting until I have a full army painted.

    We have played alot of Lord of the Rings RISK, it really is loads of fun, except when my daughter kicks my butt, which is every time!

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    Confrontation right now, but I always loved Blood Bowl... ahh, those double skulls...

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    Battle Tech right now, but I\'m working on painting up some armies for Iron Winds of War from Iron Winds Metals.

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    I\'ve only been plqying WFB battle until now, but I might start confrontation. There minis are just so cool :D

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    I\'ve got to put in a vote for Mordheim! It\'s good fun, and the smaller warband sizes aren\'t as daunting as the prospect of painting a large army. It\'s also great to sharpen up your terrain building skills attempting to build a ruined city. I don\'t know if I\'de recomend it for your daughter though Supervike( If she\'s young anyway) as the books are pretty gory and spooky.:o

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    Well I have two favorite games actually :innocent:

    My favorite Fantasy game is Confrontation because the figs are so gorgeous and the game mechanism is quite fun. It can be a little complicated and random at times because a lot depends on the many dice rolls you have to make, but it still plays pretty fast when you get used to it.

    My favorite Sci fi game is Dark Age. I really like the figs because they are well sculpted and very different from what you normally see. The game plays really well. It\'s faster that Confrontation, but still detailed enough to be fun.

    Advantages for both games are that the figs are great, the rules are free (for Confrontation you get the rules in the blisters and for Dark Age they can be downloaded from their website), and you don\'t need hundreds of models to play :flip:

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    I have a tie for favorite - Dark Age and Necromunda.

    I\'ve come to the conclusion that it is the scale that most appeals to me. Not of the figs, but of the encounter. I play relatively conservatively and, oddly, become attached to every miniature I paint ( probably because it takes me so long ). Having dozens of those little guys die in every engagement frustrates me.

    That in addition to the points the talented Jenova has already pointed out.


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    I play anything that can be played on a table top or to be more accurate several table tops as it often turns out to be.

    Favourites that still get a visit to the table are Mighty Empires, Space Hulk (didn\'t like the PC version though mainly because I couldn\'t stay alive long enough), Talisman, and the daughter still likes to play DungeonQuest.

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    WH40K used to be my drug of choice, but then I found Dark Age. It is simply the coolest miniature game to come out in a long time. Everyone should check out their website.

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    Default WFB for me ...

    I luv WFB. However, WH40K is pretty good (though I never try it...just sitting there watching others thrash it out). Itching to try out confrontation and I-Kore\'s Void or Celtics.

    Has anyone tried 100 Kingdoms?

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