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    Hi there, I just bought my first warmachine box of Cryx Raiders, and 2 boosters, giving me a total of 9 plus the Domintrax leader, which gives me a total of 104 points. I am asking what else would i need to get up to 300 points. I already know the rules, that\'s why I didn\'t get the sarter box, plus i do not like what you get in it. I love those Raiders, so awesome, my question is what else i would need, i am more than pleased with PP sculpts and packaging, and Cryx looks awesome. So help please.

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    Well, you\'ll definitely want a warcaster and a couple of \'jacks. Troops like the Satyxis are really designed to support the warcaster and \'jacks, and I dont\' think you\'d be able to do much without either of those.

    Also, 300 points is low for a Warmachine game. The smallest level is generally 350 points, and is targeted for the box sets or equivalent. Most games are actually 500 points, though a lot are 750 now, too. If you go anywhere to play in a tournament, I can almost guarantee it will be either 500 or 750.

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