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    Default multiple pics and backgrounds

    Not a technical question as of yet they come later when I get my new camera..
    My question is how do I post more than one picture to show multiple views of a mini usually just front and back. ?
    also what colour backgrounds work best I have tried allsorts sticking with white at the minute but sometimes models a little washed out.

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    1. Use a pale blue or blue-white gradient background for photos. It prevents wash-out and is generally pleasing to the eye.

    2. Photo collages are generally done in an image manipulation program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP. The latter is free software, the others are not.

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    thanks for that have tried it ..never used the photo programs seem pretty good...before ended up downloading Serif Photoplus which seemed pretty straightforward.. I\'m technically rubbish that\'s why I play with toy soldiers not computers..
    in terms of the background have just received a photo tent that seems fun and has helped my lighting as for background I have cloth ones with it at the minute which I don\'t like (never been good at ironing.)
    I am going to try get some flat blue card and maybe blend in the white with my airbrush unless anyone nows of a supplir for blue-white backgrouds..

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    For the blue white fade - most image software should be able to do it, just do the fade then print it out, or take it to a print shop if you want it on A3 card or something


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    look in my sig. There is a link to a photo tent and a blue white fade is there as well.

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    thanks for that got me thinking.
    I bought a light tent 2 sizes 24\" and 16\" cubes. am currently experimenting with that but moving house shortly and will have a little more space there to build my own adjustable light difuser like that cool article.

    thank you greatly....only 1000000 test photo\'s to go..
    oh well all good fun..:D

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    well, id say that it depends on the mini. im no photographic expert, but i do have some practical experience. for minis with light effects, lots of shiny metallics etc, i prefer black background - in fact i use it a lot for all kinds of mini pics these days.
    as far as editing programs are concerned, freeware can be great if you dont need to do anything fancy. ill often use \"paint\" for collage shots even though i have access to photoshop.

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