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    Hi, folks.

    Here is a link to my WOH donation: Linky-Link

    As I finish typing this, I\'ll be heading out to mail her to TAB Studios. Please look to her on Ebay when the time comes if you\'re interested.

    Thanks for any and all comments or vote.


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    Nice NMM, I\'d like to see more closer photo!

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    Lovely work! :) I especially like to see the large closeups.. and they are not disappointing. Smooth, nice selection of colours and a very sharp style. One mild critique would to work a bit on the freehand lines a bit tighter. But nothing that detracts from the overall beauty! :D

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    Oh my what a beautiful mini. We very hearty thank you for the time and talent you have donated.
    Highest regards to you Darin.
    I can not honestly wait to see her.

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    Awsome stuff D. The paint is ultra-smooth---I\'m sure he\'ll do well for WoH.

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