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Thread: Hello, hello. Welcome to Miniature Exchange #8

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    Still no minis have arrived here from Ceasar, and judging by how long it has been it isn\'t looking promising that anything will arrive, looks like I\'ll be sitting this one out.

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    My miniatures from jahecker arrived today :D

    The 54 mm waternymph set (on the far right which was in the box behind it) is a nice adition to my collection as I hardly have any larger scale miniatures yet. Nice little scene. Love the little snooping guy taking a peak from behind his rock. I won\'t start painting this one till I have some watereffect stuff in though. I think that would be nice on this fig to make it come alive as it\'s quite a bit of water on the base.

    But the little delay in that one is more then made up. John sure handpicked them for me. Caught 2 of my weaknesses in one ME with both figures screaming at me... paint me paint me.... A lovely GW dwarf... gotta love dwarves. I know I do. And this one is brilliant.

    The other serious weakness of mine is angels...and I sure love this one. If anyone can help me identify the company for me that would be appreciated

    Thanks John... it sure was worth the wait :D

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    @tidoco2222: I sent a package to Cesar but haven\'t heard if he has received it. If you haven\'t heard from him by the weekend, let us know and we will send you some minis. Valloa hasn\'t received her package either, but can\'t let you sit this one out.

    @Cesar: You have been online, so if you have received the package sent out more than a week ago, please post so I won\'t be worried that it is lost.

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    Hi all, I didn\'t hear anything from DM of Doom yet, but I did receive a packet he sent with some great minis in it! So everything turned out great in the end. Three miniatures by our own cdukino and minimaker (Cindy & Ming-Hua). And two Verlinden historical minis. Irony is, all these miniatures are from The Netherlands and Belgium, which is right around the corner for me, but which is a long way from the US where DM of Doom is.

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    Originally posted by Hoblit
    Just don\'t tell Moderrhu and Anatora that the stuff only took a week to get there.
    Ha...I read that. Between Modd\'s delivery monkey mailmen and my being in Siberia, no wonder it takes more than a month to sort out our mail problems. Maybe you have real mailmen?:D

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    Gin, mine have arrived!

    My favourite is the wee tank.
    Then the dwarf.
    Then the rifleman dude, and then the Vampire Lord.

    I\'m unable to get pictures up, right now. My computer\'s being uncooperative.

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    Sweet dealy, thanks Anatora! :D

    Ann sent me a HUGE package, which arrived in the mail today!

    Boy was I surprised and gleeful once I opened that box. The contents include this massive list;
    Ghost warrior and an orc champion from Reapers Dark Havean line,
    Warzone\'s Dark Huntsman and Last Riterman
    MageKnights Black Powder Boomer
    Heart Breaker presents Chad Flliott\'s Chaos Demon Knight and Tim Prows Dark Elf Swordsman
    Revalation Miniatures The Bishop
    Wyrd Miniatures bloated zombie fig,
    Almur Sharpent Regulator\'s Crunch Waffle
    Dragon Blood Vampire Pirate
    and finally a Warhammer 40k Space Ork Dreadnought!

    There are also two other interesting miniatures, they seem quite old... I\'m not sure who makes them, or their titles. Anatora would you fill me in? Also, some styling decals from Ginfritier\'s Gnomish Workshop; warfluoo72.

    Funny, as I had been recently \"inspired\" to do a prirate very much similar to this vampire pirate I recieved. Some of these figs are just tooo sweet. This is an awesome bunch of minis which I will surely enjoy! I hope some of these you just had lying around. You sent so much.

    Thanks again Anatora!

    @Tim I had sent your package off roughly over 2 weeks ago now. I feel bad that it is taking the package so long to arrive. It should be arriving any time now. It\'s been sent via regular snail mail, as it costs almost twice as much to send as Global Priority to Europe...I didnt think it would take the post this long, either.

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    Good Show, Cesar:) I am glad to see the package made it ok. The two free-floater minis are from a box of minis I use to send along as random stuff. I traded for a large amount of minis many years ago and the lot contained minis from well-known manufacturers as well as some home-cast from unknown sculptors and some from commerically available molds. Added in are several lots of minis I bought on eBay. Maybe someone out there with a discerning eye for minis can identify them for you. Have fun painting!

    @Modd: Since it took at least 2 weeks for my package to get to Canada from here, you should see your in...hummmm...a few more weeks, maybe?????

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    Default WEEEEEE !

    I got your box .... You have given me the first Illyad mini I have ever seen in the flesh or personally owned.... Darn I love it
    Oh the joy
    Thank you for the

    Bruder Gustav Illyad
    Xena and Gabrielle by ground zero ( and I giggle Because I used to tease at the job site I was Xena)
    Midoir Monk Reaper mini I really love
    Crested Fell drake that is great and a Lil nurgling that is sooo cute...

    Thank you so much Allison I love them all.

    To respond to the question of where to find the minis..
    To Quote Cindy
    \"So far the only one who\'s stocked with a small amount of these 3 figs for sale is Tracy (don\'t know if she started sales already. I don\'t think so)... and I have a few left of each but haven\'t really started sale on them, nor do I really have clear what we will do sales wise. \"
    So here very soon....The WOH project got in the way at the time I received them sorry to say.
    In a week or so the family will be opening a side store on the Hedge Wizards site for Cindy\'s and Ming Hua\'s minis. I am honored they allowed me to purchase them.
    I wished to create a store like a \'Fozz Bozz\' where there are a few lines of special minis to offer and \'Magpie Miniatures\'will be the beginning of that hope. I will alert you all when it happens.

    @Sjakkie you got one of the 2 sets we have ever given away of these minis, (I can not speak for Cindy or Ming Hua there may be a few more out there gifted to others) Anatora you got the other. IMHO they are delightful and hope you both enjoy painting them.

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    I haven\'t heard anything about shipping or anything like that from funnymouth. I\'m getting a little worried.

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    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    I got your box .... You have given me the first Illyad mini I have ever seen in the flesh or personally owned.... Darn I love it
    Glad to hear they arrived safe and sound! And I\'m glad to hear you like the Ilyad mini. I can\'t get them here, to be honest it\'s a \"re-gift\" that Maya sent me a while ago. But I figured you would do it justice - Ilyad are just astonishing minis.

    You gotta promise to paint up Xena and Gabrielle someday, I know the minis are not super detailed and are a bit flashy but they\'re so cute :)

    That angel is the RAFM \"Cabbalistic Angel\", see it in the blister here (lower right). Anatora sent one to me in ME#4 :D

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    @hakoMike: If you don\'t get the package today, let me know, and I\'ll send out another package tomorrow. You really should have got them already. You\'re only a 7 hour drive away, for gosh sakes!

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    Cesar I got my packet today, A C\'tan nightbringer and a couple of Empire spearmen, well the nightbringer gets my attention first as I can then add it to my Necron Army. Thanks mate.

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    I also haven\'t received anything yet. I too am starting to worry.


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    Originally posted by Naukhel
    @hakoMike: If you don\'t get the package today, let me know, and I\'ll send out another package tomorrow. You really should have got them already. You\'re only a 7 hour drive away, for gosh sakes!
    My wife just called to tell me that they arrived today! I can\'t wait to see them!

    @blackfly: I mailed yours on 5/16 ... have you gotten it yet?

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    I am glad to hear that you got your minis! I was starting to worry.
    Have fun painting!

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    Great stuff, Naukhel! Thanks! I\'m relatively new to this hobby, so the figs that I could never go and buy are like gold to me.

    My wife opened the package (at my request) to describe them to me, since I was at work when they arrived. She looked at the fellow with the sword and dagger and said \"his sword looks.... sated.\" lol

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    Still waiting for mine from Calcipher in Japan.


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    I was just informed that because funnymouth couldn\'t find anything PP nearby, he ordered a miniature to come directly to my house! WOW! Give this guy a star!!!!

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