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Thread: HARBINGER - the new miniatures ONLY magazine!

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    Default HARBINGER - the new miniatures ONLY magazine!

    Griffin Miniatures is proud to announce the arrival of HARBINGER, the new magazine dedicated to the miniatures hobby.

    HARBINGER is the ONLY dedicated independent miniatures magazine. Packed with news, reviews, guides, goodies, photos, competitions, adverts, scenarios, features and much, much more.......HARBINGER - here to change the face of miniature gaming forever!

    HARBINGER exclusively focuses on miniatures and strategy games, there will be no roleplaying games, no live roleplay and no card games. HARBINGER is 100% miniatures. We\'ve got painting guides and master classes from some of the world\'s top talent, reader\'s showcases, scenarios, free rules, modelling tips and a whole host of other goodies.

    At last miniature gamers are getting what they deserve: a magazine devoted entirely to their favourite hobby!

    Check out the website www.harbingermagazine.com over the next ten weeks where we\'ll be revealing more as we countdown to Issue One.

    HARBINGER - hear the message.

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    I\'ll check the site, but where in the world will it be available? And I mean it seriously; there\'s people from all round the world in here...

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    Default Harbinger eh?

    Sounds vaguely familiar...


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    Yeah, it certainly rings a bell Rev!


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    Default I need to rant more....

    WOW! Just last week I was lamenting in these very forums of the lack of \"miniature\" magazines, and viola!!

    Next week I will rant on the lack of supermodels sunbathing in my neighborhood. :D

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    Default hmm....

    Just went to the site....WOW! If you go to Griffin miniatures they have two very cool miniatures in their masterpiece section! And these are LARGE minis! WIll have to paint for eBay and look into ordering one! hehe

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    It\'s about time we got a miniatures magazine. There seems bugger all in the way of mags for our hobby as it is. That\'s not counting White Dwarf or any other in-house mag/advertising ploy! It\'ll be great to see a mag that will give a broad view of things.

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    That definetly looks like it\'s going to be a cool magazine :D:bouncy: Did qnyone find the price it will be ?? hope it won\'t be has expensive has white dwarf.
    Those to masterpice minis look really cool, I really like the dark knight one

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    Just made a scratch in the wall... just another 69 to go and ... bingo.. quality reading matter at last!


    The painting tutorials should be cool.... probably no more references to exact GW Citadel colours... should cover all paints I guess

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    Yeeeeees... maybe not GW colours.... :D

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    Default Marvellous moves...

    It\'ll be an extravaganza of painting buffoonery! Chuffin marvellous...

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    Great! I\'m 100% in favour of painting buffoonery!! :bouncy:

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    will certainly not be able to get it anywhere in germany, eh?

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    I really hope we will be able to get it in europe.
    Didn\'t see if the ccompany was american or english. ???

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    Griffin are based in Cardif according to their webby... so It\'s from Wales... (somewhere near England :bouncy: )

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    From what I\'ve heard, Harbinger will be available where ever there is a market for it! Certainly sounds promising to me!


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    Originally posted by BeelzebrushThe painting tutorials should be cool.... probably no more references to exact GW Citadel colours... should cover all paints I guess
    That would be great. I\'m tired of seeing things that say \"this awesome effect is created by layering \"baby goblin diaper brown\" with \"ogre snot\", with a final highlight in \"emperor\'s pee gold\".
    I look forward to tutorials with color names that mean something.

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    But is it only going to be available in the UK and Europe? This goes back to VLRM\'s question. I\'m assuming so since it\'s a british company, but then again they may release it to the US, then I\'ll have to remember that it\'s \"Colours\".. :P

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    Gee, thoes masterpiece figureeens shure arr prity. Nice germs 2, cant tell bout nites...pics too dark , good lookin gg mind. Cant wait 2 bee a harbinger binger! Who ray!(?) and whoes tzar!(?).

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    Well it\'s good to see that people are excited about Harbinger magazine. Whilst I can’t give too much away, stay tuned to the web site over the coming weeks, where there will be details of competitions, giveaways (a free figure for every reader) and more! One thing I will say for now is that we are getting enquiries from all over the world, just today that includes Australia, Germany, USA and South Africa.

    Harbinger editor

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