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    Hi guys.
    I would like to achieve
    this ( ) colour scheme
    I was thinking of using (all vallejo colours):
    a plague brown undercoat, blended, on the topmost parts, with bonewhite and, finally, skull white on the tips of the scales.
    For the recesses, some cobra leather/beasty brown washes.
    For the red-er parts (mostly hands and forearms), some thinned chestnut ink washes.
    Do you think this\\\'ll work?
    I will have a try, asap, but I would like to get going with my army straight away.

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    Several folks have asked me about the tyranid scheme. With some degree of certainity, I can say this is accurate. ;) :


    I actually have two methods. One is for bulk army and the other is for showpieces. It sounds wordy, but it\'s actually pretty quick.

    I start from white primer and wash with Vallejo #914 Green Ochre. When that dries, I wash with a very thinned down mix of GW Bestial Brown and GW Chaos Black (what I call the Jen Haley mix: ).

    For the base colour, I go back to the Green Ochre, leaving brown in the recesses. First layer of highlights is Green Ochre with Vallejo #907 Light Sand mixed in, then the lightest highlights are straight Light Sand. Depending on the figure, or if I have a ton of them like hormagaunts, on for speed but even standard painting is pretty quick. To define carapaces, eyes, teeth, etc, I\'ll line with another Jen Haley wash as well as a thinned down wash of GW Chaos Black and GW Goblin Green -- very thin, basically going for an olive tone.

    I also have two methods for painting carapaces. One is the sort with the design over bone and the other is the solid blue-green (like the hormagaunts in my gallery). The solid one, needless to say, is faster to do. :)

    For the patterned carapaces, I paint them the same as the skin but I take the highlights up to Vallejo #918 Pale Ivory. The blue pattern is GW Regal Blue, washed with the black/green, highlighted with Regal Blue again, then Vallejo #965 Prussian Blue.

    The solid blue-green carapaces start from the point where the miniature has been washed with the Green Ochre. The basic colour is Vallejo #938 Transparent Blue, then my black/green wash, then Regal Blue, then Regal Blue with Green Ochre, then Regal Blue with Light Sand. Sounds like a lot of steps, but these highlights are just applied in streaks (like the one here: ), so when you\'re doing an entire brood, it\'ll move quite fast.

    For the patterned carapace tyranids, I\'ll give the skin a very subtle wash of Vallejo #803 Brown Rose. This is what gives them that pinkish tone under the carapaces. For the solid blue-green ones, I\'ll instead use GW Flesh wash thinned down and apply to the ends of the two front legs and around the face.

    Claws on all are just black with dark grey streaks, toned down with the black/green wash near the bases.
    I previously added spots with Scorched Brown or Vallejo #822 Camo Black, but I found it\'s faster to juse use a Le Plume brush pen of a similar colour. Teeth are the basic brown-tan-white build up for bone colours, eyes are GW Putrid Green with black spots, and tongues are either GW Liche Purple highlighted with white, or Vallejo #960 Violet highlighted with white.

    The showpiece method is very similar to the patterned carapace scheme, but I spend a lot more time working highlights and there are several more steps involving washes and patterning. Lot of subtle red, blues, and green worked in. It\'s basically the same, but obviously takes a lot longer to do.


    Sooner or later, I\'ll turn this into a tutorial with step-by-step photos. Hope that helps. :)


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    i hate you kep..... your nids kick the crap out of mine! lol :(

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