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    I just bought a bottle of prince august paint and on the bottle it says that it is made by vallejo, so I was wondering are those the same has vallejo paints?

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    I believe Prince August is the Distributor and not in any way related to the manufacturing. It\' would be like buying a brand name milk at the store, the store can\'t call it their own, but you got it from there, thus it is the store\'s milk nonetheless.... I\'m thristy for milk now..:P

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    This thread offers me an opportunity to ask you two guys a question that has been on my mind for a while: are your avatars the same character???

    Sorry for this silly question, but I just want to know :D.

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    Yes, and you can bet there\'s going to be a Cmon toon about it! ;)

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    Yes, Chrispy is right: Prince August distribute Vallejo paints in France under their our name. IIRC, they even use the same reference numbers. In fact, I know a funny anecdote about it.

    I buy my 54mm models and Vallejo paints at a model store (my Rackham minis I get at a comic store). Many of the customers there have often had their historical models featured in Spanish/European modelling magazines. The owner in fact told me of an instance where a customer sent an article of a hidroplane to a french magazine. It had both text and pics; he had painted it with Vallejo paints, and as is usually done in those magazines, he included a pic of the finished model together with some of the paint bottles. When the article was published, the author found to his surprise that his Vallejo bottles had been computer-enhanced to Prince August ones!!!

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    Looking forward to that cmon toon :D
    Thanks for all your answers.

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    And BTW the character name is vash the stampede. Duno if I spelled it right I\'m used to seeing it in french :D

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    Andrea have a range of paint too.... same bottles as Vallejo so I\'m guessing - Vallejo. The colour range is historical colours though.

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    Beelzebrush, Andrea are Spanish too (are we cool or what? :cool: ), so I can answer that one too: Andrea colours are again a different range. I haven\'t tried them, though, and yes, they cover the, shall we say, historical/realistic colour range.

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    Heheh! Hurrah for Spain! :flip:
    Mind you, with Spain\'s history of producing pedigree artists, it\'s no surprise they make excellent paint!

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