I don\'t feel to risk it but.....
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Thread: I don\'t feel to risk it but.....

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    Default I don\'t feel to risk it but.....

    Does break fluid or nitromors melt green stuff?

    Just wondering. I wanted to give some old conversions an updated lick of paint and didnt feel like scraping out gooey discombobulated green stuff out of joins for hours on end.

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    I\'ve tried it with acceton and it works. Don\'t leave the Green Stuff in there to long or it might get gummy (but just slightly), but leave the GS in the acceton for an hour or two and everything works fine in my experience.

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    Thanks for your help.

    Anyone tried it with any of the above mentioned fluids?

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    i use nitromors for all metal miniatures. it does affect the greenstuff but not that bad (i tends to lossten it from the metal). i would recommend you use brake fluid just in case

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