I been reading up on how to blend. I read the tutorial article but that is great for large areas, maybe for small but I can\'t seem to make it work without leaving brush marks. I read alot on how not to drybrush cuz it leaves it chalky. But I also read how not to wash too much cuz the paint gets caked on thick. Now I look at these profressional models like on the Top 10 and can\'t help but wonder \"How do they do that?\". I mean, it\'s blended so well that it looks like there is only one coat of paint on it and you don\'t see that chalkyness from drybrushing.
I don\'t know about you guys but I would absolutely love to see a tutorial on a blend that actually shows what each layer looks like (if wash blend is used), the size brush used, what type of brush (flat, round, spotter, never seem to find that out), the ratio of the wash or at least how the pro\'s do it. I know that there has got to be some secret going on. Maybe they have tissue there to sop up moister on a wash? Maybe an airbrush is used? Maybe they have some magic lamp that created a pegasus hair brush that leaves no brush marks?
I know it takes practice but I look at these figures that rate a 9.6 and I look at mine with just one wash and notice that mine just looks like paint is caked on. So I wonder how quickly the pro\'s learned it.
It would be nice to see pics of a figurine painted by a pro step by step. I don\'t mean to be so selfish but I would let others know how if I was that good. :D
Also, don\'t the pro\'s answer these forums too?
I blabbed long enough, so hopefully this will become a productive topic cuz I\'m getting all confused and frustrated on learning the best way to blend. :)