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Thread: Wyrd Painting Contest: Total Testosterone 2006

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    I submitted one a couple weeks ago. This is the first time I\'ve entered a contest ever, so I\'ve been going a little crazy waiting for it to go \"live.\"

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    Anyone mind telling me what e-mail address we\'re supposed to send our entries to?

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    //excerpt from rules//

    In order to submit an entry for the contest, go to the current contest gallery and upload your entry. As the gallery is set for moderation, your submission will NOT show up immediately but will instead wait for me to review and edit accordingly. When submitting your contest entry, please take the time to describe the miniature and its manufacturer as well as any other contest notes you wish me to review before editing.

    ::- Direct Gallery Link - ::

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    Just for future reference, more space would be nice, or the option to link to pictures on other servers (without it showing of course)

    Can\'t wait till the voting begins :) Will be fun to see all the entries :)

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    How many more people are finished. I have several I could enter. But I am looking for the urge to take pictures and post.

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    I put 5 in a couple of weeks ago. Now I\'m waiting for them to post for slamming.

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    I will finish it tonight.. but if it\'s 00.00 great britain time.. I should have 2.5 hours left, right? (been smelling too much on the superglue.. can\'t count) lol

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    I think it\'s midnight Nathan time, which means you\'ve got several hours to go, Sven.

    I won\'t be entering this time... :( My time has been needed for other things.

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    Meh, when I wake up in the morning basically.

    And Anders there making me feel bad. :P

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    Aww, poor Anders :(

    Can\'t wait to see all the entries. I guess they will be up sometime tomorrow night my time then :D Good luck in advance to everyone :)

    When does the voting close btw ?

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    Oooh I uploaded my entry this afternoon - just got in under the wire ;) Really looking forward to seeing all the entries. Basically I hope FF gets on it straight away - none of this \'real life\' crap for excuses..... lol

    PS I...er...didn\'t actually mean that by the way :innocent:

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    I\'m sorry but I thought that the place where you uploaded the pics you could upload multiples of the same mini from different angles so I did I hope this isent too inconvenient as I have no accsess to any photo editing tools.

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    Actually is rather inconvienent to be honest, but I\'ve said before that I\'ll combine them if need be, but this will be the last contest that I will do that for.

    In the rules and other stuff I point out a free software called GIMP. Good software to pick up to do your editing if you don\'t have access to Photoshop or the like.

    As for voting - it\'ll be a week after the gallery goes up. At the moment I\'m expecting Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, as I\'ve got a lot of editing to do (folks love to put their names in the file names for some reason) and both my Moderators are out on \'real life\' at the moment so its me for the most part.

    Thanks for everyone entering, some great entries in there.

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    I will help if you need Nathan, I could not enter, but if you need a hand with editing etc, let me know.

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    Thanks, appreciate it Tracy. I think I\'ve got a hand on it, but we\'ll see come Tuesday.

    Not much is going to get done on Monday (well technically it is Monday now, but the wifes B-Day is today, so I know I\'m not going to risk her wrath doing this), but I hope to have most everything ironed out on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

    :: taking deep breath and going back into the fire ::

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    You\'re not the only reason for my not entering, Nathan, so don\'t feel bad (although I hardly expect that you do :P). I have been on vacation, and I have been doing some work in the kitchen (not cooking, but putting up some cupboards and doing some electricity stuff...).

    Good luck to all the contestants! I am really anxious to see the entries! :)

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    The time for entry submission is over and now we move forward with the viewing and voting for the Total Testosterone II Wyrd Painting Contest.

    Entries have been edited, placed in their proper categories and are now up for you to view and leave comments on.

    Now, in the past, we have launched into the polls at the same time that we have posted the galleries, but this time around we are going to place the galleries up for view a full day before opening the polls so that if there are any mistakes or discrepancies, you can let us know before the voting begins. Hopefully there are none, but if you see something that needs to be rectified or if you have a question upon, please contact me privately.

    When 24 hours has passed, we\'ll place the voting polls up and you will be able to vote for your favorite three in their respective categories. Keep in mind, in order to vote and/or comment in the galleries, you MUST have a user account here on Wyrd.

    When leaving comments in the galleries, please remember to be constructive in any critique, good or bad, and remember your manners. Everything has been set to moderation which means your comments will be viewed by a moderator or myself before being approved for the general public viewing. When you post a comment, it will appear as nothing has happened, only showing you back to the gallery again - rest assured that your comments have been posted and are only awaiting approval.

    When the polls are placed (Friday), they will be open for seven days. In that time, please take a moment to vote for your favorite three in each category. The top three in each category will win, respectively 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place. Best of Show and Best Base or Diorama naturally only have one winner.

    In order to encourage participation in the voting and commenting on the galleries, we will choose five RANDOM SCHMUCKS to win prizes for voting on all the categories and commenting on atleast HALF of the entries. I\'ll choose out two COMPLETELY WYRD SCHMUCKS from those that take the time to comment on ever entry in the galleries and send random prizes out as well.

    Lastly, I would like to say thank you once again to our very generous contest sponsors. All of them have been very generous with their time, product, support and encouragement and it is very well appreciated.

    Nathan Caroland
    Wyrd Miniatures

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