what minis are these competition?
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Thread: what minis are these competition?

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    Default what minis are these competition?

    Hello CMONers :D
    I have a question for you - what are these minis?

    each mini worth 2 points, bonus 5 points for guessing all of them.
    thanks for help ;)

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    Can you post a better close up picture?

    I click on the pic, and get led to Pop Up hell....:flame:

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    Is this a trick question?

    They aren\'t really minis, more bits of minis, and they are all the upper torsos or accessories from Gorkamorka Mutie Raiders. They came with cool mutant steeds which were awesome for Chaos Knights (and can no longer be ordered unfortunately).

    Is that the answer you were after?

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    They are all Mutie Raiders from Gorkamorka, Games Workshop.
    Well... seems you have missed the muted horses ;)

    Here\'s one of them:

    More detail? Ok!
    From upper left and clockwise:

    2 Snaga mutie torso with cavalier
    backpack and rifle from Mutie Raider Equipment sprue 2
    Keeper Mutie torso (someone cut away the head)
    Unk Mutie torso with Demilune
    Seeker Mutie torso with Jezzail

    Source: Citadel Miniatures 1999 Annual pages 179-180

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    @ DragonPaint - many thanks :) I found them in bargain box and get no idea what it could be. they don\'t look like most of GW sculpts, so I was wondering what it could be.

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