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    Originally posted by Marmoset
    Excellent work all I will post very early WIP of my GD entry soon... unfortunately I broke the camera and it will be a while yet :(

    Happy painting

    try taking a pic of yourselfe again did you? lol

    juss playin man :D hope u get it fixed soon so we can see them WIPs!

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    looking good everyone

    wolf how come you havnt undercoated

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    Originally posted by james sequeira
    looking good everyone

    wolf how come you havnt undercoated
    Been wondering the same

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    ran out of primer no money for more primer so i said screw it! lol :D :rolleyes:

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    ......well I didn\'t want to say anything...but now that someone has....
    why didn\'t you just use black then?

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    loads of stuff on the go but 2 main ones are freehand encrusted Ultramarine Landraider and a menoth warjack ..struggling with the nmm on this the mould was appalling and bobbly so struggling to get smooth paint on..
    help please also will be starting a help me thread later this evening for help with my Mousillon Bretonnians again help and comments appreciated guys..

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    over-the-top freehand there!! :D Do you draw the patterns with a soft pen before painting them?

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    Originally posted by mickc22
    ......well I didn\'t want to say anything...but now that someone has....
    why didn\'t you just use black then?
    i have no black paint and as said before no money... i usualy use gray self etching primer for my minis (VERY careful with plastics! but GREAT on metals) but as said i ran out lol

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    Ohhhh baby!! She\'s startin\' ta glow now.

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    @Avelorn ..No pencils just straight on with the brush..I\'m doing a couple of things like this just really to practise playing with the colour pallette and getting aa feel for shapes that work..This way when I want to tackle something with freehand designs I have an idea what will work..

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    New pic\'s again. I am very close now to having the mini finished, the base is pretty much done, I wanted to give the impression of an industrial type base i.e inside a machine shop so there is rusty swarf on the floor and oily floor surfaces, not much Health and Safety in the 41st millenium.

    I am happy with the bolt pistol now it is done, I have also changed the teef hanging from the shoulder pad to gold ones, it always pays to have a spare set to either barter with or replace the odd one that gets knocked out.

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    demonherald: FANTASTIC freehand, really awesome :wow:

    tid: Amazing. You managed an awesome model in about a week, just mind-blowing :o

    shawn: You are a master of OSL, I can\'t wait to see her finished!

    Happy painting :)


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    cheers Bill ..;)
    Tidocco I am loving the Ork the Skin tone is just right in my eyes very \"natural\" looking..
    one thing the underside of the ledge @ the front of the base needs griming up a bit more rust streaks or oxidation etc..not too much but enough to indicate is is a ledge and therefore get\'s some sort of run off..
    lovely though..
    @Shawn I really like the look of that lighting especially the red light at the bottom positively glowing..

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    i have abit of experience with freehands on armor - and yours is looking great. i do have a valuable tip for you though, if you plan on continuing with this type of thing: shade and hilight the surface the freehands are going on BEFORE you add the freehands (as though it is to be a finished surface in its own right). doing it retroactively and not having it interfere with the freehands is very tough, and time consuming. if your freehands are done with thin paint, the depth can be seen through them - otherwise shade and hilght the freehands afterwords, relative to the background

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    cheers funnymouth..
    As mentioned this is all practise and just trying to get my eye back in..
    I will do as you say in the future as the way I\'ve been doing has been a bit bitchy...

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    @tidoco NICEEEEEE Metals!!!!! O_O

    yep now only blades and big hands missing...

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    That is looking so cool Tony, I just recieved minie thismorning from arcaneminiatures and am looking forward to trying it out.

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    whoa please do it with metallics i\'m really courious to see how a nefarius looks with good metallics! :)

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    ha ha well as my nmm for the most part sucks, then you can be sure it is more than likely going to be done with metalics.

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