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    Excellent man!

    Congrats! Hopefully you\'ll be appearing in the CDN WD.


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    well done seems like you did well

    cheers for checking out my models as well:D;)

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    Congratulations Ainu! :) I want to see this ogre of yours... :twisted: L\'abri des flots means, like... flood sheltery thing, harbour... ??? Your tablecloth appears to have a nautical theme :D


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    Thanks! I guess that I\'ll have to post pics of my other entries, too. And next week I\'m starting work on NEXT year\'s 40k Large :D So you\'ll be able to see coverage of that, too. Thanks again to everyone who commented throughout this project, especially Angus, SilAx (mostly on msn), and Penguin.

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    Ainu, How come you\'ve got that already?

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    Default Shaka-Umruk Diorama

    i added some new photos on my [WIP] Shaka-Umruk Diorama

    Still some work need to be done.
    Shaka-Umruk is alredy finished but i want to show him first when everything is in place. Comments and tipps are welcome.

    and a old one

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    Originally posted by timshinn73
    Here\'s something I\'ve been working on.

    Been a while. I\'ve had this guy finished for some time, but it was on display at my local GW shop. Just got it back so I thought I\'d post the painted pics.

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    Awesome conversion, and a cool paintjob, too :cool: But it\'s not a WIP, is it?

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    Originally posted by AinuLainour
    Awesome conversion, and a cool paintjob, too :cool: But it\'s not a WIP, is it?
    Yes, it is a WIP. I went as far as I could in time for the contest at my local store. Now that I have it back, I plan to tighten the painting overall, add some more freehand (flames to the bike to match the banner) and saddlebags or a bedroll to the back fenders. Also want to make a license plate and add a bit more to the base (grass, razor wire, etc).

    Thanks for assuming.

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    Well it looks complete. So if you\'re going to further embellish it, I suppose that that\'s a good thing :)

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