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    hello everyone,

    I painted this miniature a few weeks ago for a local painting competition. The competition has finished, and I don\'t need to hang on to the mini any longer, so I thought I would put it on ebay and see if anyone else might want it. I\'ve never sold anything on ebay before though, let alone a miniature, so this is a new experience for me - quite exciting, I wonder if it will sell!

    The pic is already in my CMON gallery, but I thought I might throw it up here on CMON as well to see if anyone is interested (and of course for some shameless advertising hehe).

    here is the ebay link: EBAY

    Thanks guys!


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    Of course it will sell! :) If your reserve isn\'t too high that is.. :P but I\'m guessing it will go for around 200-250$ maybe more as there aren\'t many of your minis out on the market.

    Do you use layering or some wet-blending hybrid method?

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    I think you\'re one of the best painter actually, congratulation for your beautiful minis... :)

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    Hi guys, thanks for the kind words TyronMagda and encouragement!

    Avelorn, I never use wet blending - I blend through transparency, ie. I use multiple layers of very thin paint to gradually build up the colour and try to create a smooth transition. So I guess that is a sort of cross between feathering and layering, although there is no \'rush\' element of getting things done before the paint dries as in feathering, and there are not so many stages of slightly different colour as in layering. I used to paint exclusively with layering, starting with the darkest colour and layering up to the lightest/brightest, but I have evolved a bit since then, and paint more conventionally by starting with a mid-colour, shading then highlighting.

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    Good luck on the auction! I hope you get a decent price for it. :)

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    Thats cool work. I\'m sure you will get a good price for it. Godd luck ;)

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    @Automation: Thanks! :) I.. had hoped you did it in another \"magical\" way than I do it as you are a much better technical painter than I am. But we seem to be doing it pretty much the same way. I got to figure out what I need to do to get from where I am to where you are. :) The answers are probably practise and yet more practise. :P

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    thanks darkart, and ritual, it\'s always great to hear from you.

    Your minis are looking pretty good to me avelorn, you certainly have great skills. I have really been painting a lot over the last year, and suddenly things are starting to come together at last. So I guess you\'re right that practice is the main thing!

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    That\'s beautiful, automaton. Hope the mini goes for a really good price.

    Glad to hear that you\'re using transparent layering ... that\'s what I\'m trying to to, but it looks like there\'s a long way for me yet.

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    This mini deserves an high price. Your painting technique is awesome, you are the revelation man of 2006:D

    good luck!

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    Thanks marineboy - yeah blending by transparency is the way to go if you are trying to create very smooth transitions I think.

    And thanks nano, haha 2006 isn\'t even halfway through yet - who knows what other painters will emerge! But I\'m happy to finally become part of the painting community.

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    Hello This is a very nice figure and deserves a nice price.

    My suggestions to you for future auctions especially since you have very low feedback. Is if you are going to set a reserve, post the reserve amount in your description. That will keep them from nickel and diming you to death on the bids and only the serious bidders will bid.

    With a zero feedback it will take you some time to develope a folowing and some trust among buyers. I suggest you make a email address available on your auctions and make direct communication available. I also suggest that you need to be willing to post some miniatures at a low price and be willing to take a lower price for a few, so don\'t post the best ones right away. But get your name out there and let people see your quality of your work. It takes some time but you can develope a following and get good price for your work if your willing to take the time to do it.

    Good luck.

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    He is awesome! Did you win anything at the painting competition? I think I might try and bid on it... although I have no account on eBay and my parents would not approve :( Best of luck to you anyway, he deserves a very high price!

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    Thanks for the advice Dragon Forge, they are good suggestions. But I\'m not sure that I will be selling many miniatures on ebay; this is more of a one off occurrence, or at least they will be very few and far between.

    ANd thanks marmoset - yeah I did win something, a plastic space marine drybrushed gold and stuck on top of an empty paint pot haha.

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    What colour(s) did you use for the bio-hazardous fluorescent yellow ooze that has dripped onto his base from his chest grille?


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    Congratulation for your first auction, i\'ve said many times ago you was a great painter and now also the $$$ speak for yourself! :D

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    thanks tyronmagda, yes I was very happy with the price as well!

    DaN - I actually used a really old GW paint called bilious green - it\'s bordering on fluorescent it\'s so bright. I guess you could make something similar by mixing white with a touch of bright green and yellow.

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