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    Hey guys, I just posted a couple of LOTR miniatures that I painted in March for a client.

    First up was Celeborn:

    And next was Haldir:

    Hope you like them. They were actually not bad to paint. Usually I find lotr miniatures to be kinda fiddly and annoying. :D

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    very nice. Love the freehand on the cloak and the shield.

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    super they are really detailed and eye catching any chance of a shield view please :D

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    Thanks guys!

    I have this shield shot:

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    Really lovely, nice muted colours..and i agree..too fiddly!

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    very grim minis! i like them but the pics are way too little!

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    I have some bigger ones, but the minis start looking like crap lol


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    @Zordana - Blimey, I thought I had a dark style :D. Works well on these though, very atmospheric

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    Hehe I think that\'s partly due to my poor photography skills. Don\'t tell anyone though. :D

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    Nice job! You really capture the \'natural\' look. I really like your painting style.

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    Ah yes, lovely. Never been impressed by the sculpts but your painting brings out the best in them.

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    great work zordana, and once again - pity about the pink! I love the gold on celeborn, perfect colour. Unusual base also, it\'s interesting.


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    on the subject of pic sizes how do you make your pictures smaller???mine look really big and so look really manky??

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    Nice paint jobs on both. Love the free hand did the vote thing.

    Are you going to the GD this year. I am thinking of entering and if I do I will go there. Would be good to catch up with some Aussie Cmoners.

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    Seb: Yeah I know, *shakes a fist* Ill have to paint another and give him a pink sash ;)

    TheCadian: I use Photoshop to resize my images. :)

    Ogrebane: I\'d love to, unfortunately real life kinda got in the way and I won\'t be able to fly over to Sydney this year. I\'ll have to post my miniatures, ack! :(

    RedSevenBlue: The necromancer? Which necromancer?

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    From a total LOTR fan it is always nice to see very well painted LOTR minis. I am not fond of that Haldir sculpt but the painting is great, I have that Celebron model yet to do and think that yours is very cool, the Gem in the center of the shield is very nicely done. I believe that a darker style suits these minis as LOTR is afterall a dark story and the Elves in particular are described as being the fairest beings on Middle Earth but terrible when angered.

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