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    Default over 100 k image problems

    As requested by the venerable Dragonsreach, I am putting this little tidbit out there to see if anyone else has this problem.

    Yesterday I tried to submit images that were over 100k. Until recently, you could only submit stuff under 100k, so I had simply stayed with that size out of force of habit.

    I had been asked many times why I was not using the larger available size, so this time I though I\'d give it a try.

    After I posted the 5 images, I was horrified to see that the images looked awful. They were about 165k, and well under the width limitations.

    There was a very nasty posterizing effect, with lots of striations in the image as well. We see this a lot on other large images from other artists. These must also be over 100k.

    We wonder if those display differently on other people\'s computers, as they look terrible on ours. What is strange is that we will sometimes see comments on those images praising how wonderful they are.

    That is quite confusing, as we can\'t hardly see anything in the images! We use 3 different computers here with different types of monitors, and the same thing happens on every one. I don\'t know if that is a difference in European or US servers or something.

    I was just bummed that I had to redo al the images, and they still look very shabby compared to the original photos:|~

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    Well if you have the time try to post those 200kb images here and post a link to how it looks submitted. Seems like a strange problem. I know a few artist that had that effect with heavy artefacts, usually from many views in one picture.

    Banshee said something about that he had problems with his pictures too. wonder if it was the same problem?

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    James: there sounds to be a lot of strange things going on there.

    I have one question for a starter: What was the image width in picels?

    Venerable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, cheeky beggar. :)

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