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    Default New Harlequins

    I heard a rumour that GW is going to produce new eldar harlequins. Can anybody say if it is true or not????

    + Please excuse me for my bad English+:P

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    I have not heard anyting yet but it is not impossible, there are some new/revamped eldar models due for release so it is feasible that Harlequins may get to see the light of day again. I hope so.

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    Don\'t know about the troops, but I think I heard something about one of the Harlequin character types (Solitaire maybe ??? ) being in the new \'dex.

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    same here ..rumours are rife at the moment.. Their inclusion in the collectors guides and the relisting of them in the online store tends to suggest something is planned or at least thought about and the sales will be monitore to see feasability.. I wouldn\'t expect them to be the one alien killing machines they were though..The game trends have gone away from the total cheesiness that were the harlequin rules..
    I hope they\'ll touch a bit more on the exodites as the idea of eldar on dinosaurs just sounds too cool..

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    New addition to the Black Library?

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    I do hope the Harlequins are present in some way. They\'re my favorite army in 40K.

    I\'m new here, by the way. Hi! :D

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    Welcome to the forums :) I want harlequins too :D

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    @nsa - i hope not!!

    @biletongue - welcome

    re: harlequins. would love to see some new ones. well posed though, with decent weapons

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    Well, from what I have been told Harlequins will be making a comeback!

    So hopefully some sneakpeeks soon??


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    I think maybe in the new Codex we will see either them as an army (unlikely though...) or as characters for Eldar armies...

    MAYBE! We could finaly get Exodites as well! :D

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