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    Default fotocamera

    what are ,in your opinion,the main features that a digi foto camera must have to make a good photo of a mini?
    And,another question,is better to take a photo with the daylight or with the light of a lamp?

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    Macros! It\'s got to be able to focus on a small object.

    I think lamps are better because you can control the quality of light that way. The sun creates harsh shadows and unless you reflect it from the back you will have a very hard time getting even lighting.
    Though, just a table lamp on it\'s own may not give you the results you want - read the very good articles on photographing minis in the Article section . . . Some kind of multi directional lighting will be of benefit.

    The point of posting here is that one should be able to SEE the result of your paint/conversion job. If any of that is out of focus or dark it defeats the entire purpose. It makes it difficult to vote accurately because no one can see what you\'ve done.

    Know what I mean? :)

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    i agree with flashman but i find that daylight lamps are better than normal bulbs. you don\'t get that orangy tinge that way. i find it very difficult to remove it when adjusting the colour levels after

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    Default Cameras...

    Digital cameras are good but expensive. I use both digital and film cameras extensively, and for the beginner you might be better off buying a cheap film camera and a \'cheapish\' scanner. Just a thought....
    You will ned a macro facility. Digi cameras seem to come with this built-in. With most film cameras you simple use an additional lens or filter-type attachment to allow you to focus closely.
    Lighting needs to be soft and multi-directional. Use reflectors or a light tent (basically a muslin \'tent\') to difuse the available light - from whatever source.
    In terms of quality, a second-hand 35mm camera costing say $50 will provide results that only a digi camera costing a couple of thousand dollars will be able to equal. They are more convenient however, but think how many minis etc you could buy with the difference. Having said that you will get acceptable results from a $300 digi camera. The choice is yours...:flip:

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