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    Default Rating up after some time ?

    I have noticed that the ratings on the miniatures are going up (slowly) after having been exposed for some time. Is this coincidence or the laws of averaging out numbers. I have also noticed that quality of picture is absolutely crucial in getting any recent rating for your figure.

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    It\'s inevitable that ratings will be affected by the quality of the photograph. Of course, a clear photograph of a lousy paintjob won\'t help very much.

    I don\'t agree that ratings go up over time, they tend to fluctuate very wildly up OR down in the beginning and only tend to stabilise after around 50 votes.

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    I think it\'s safe to say that once you start getting over 100 votes for a picture that it (obviously) becomes harder to influence the score. So once over 100 people have voted on your picture, it starts to give an accurate representation of what people think of that mini.

    Aaah the beauty of averages :P

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