Games Day Toronto Sneak Peak: Skarsnik and Gobbla
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Thread: Games Day Toronto Sneak Peak: Skarsnik and Gobbla

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    Default Games Day Toronto Sneak Peak: Skarsnik and Gobbla

    The new Skarsnik and Gobbla mini. From what I hear its on a chariot sized base. I think its the best GW sculpt in a long time, makes me wanna start a NG army.. :D

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    It\'s ok I suppose, more interesting pose that the original. Blimey, Gobbla is getting big these days :D

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    I like it. The squig is nice, and Skarsnik is looking pretty cool. I don\'t know what is going on with the faces of the goblins (and snotlings though), they seem to be less pointy than before.

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    I think that is pretty damn cool :wow: Where when why what who which wherefore will it be available? :innocent:

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    This is actually cool! I might just get this one! Gobbla has tons of character and the goblin isn\'t half bad either!

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    This is actually cool! I might just get this one! Gobbla has tons of character and the goblin isn\'t half bad either!
    Aye mate, I\'ll be succumbing too. I have a thing for gobbos and this is such an improvement on the original.

    Just when I said no more miniatures for a while as well lol

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    I like this more now I have looked at it a second time, although I think Gobbla\'s skin could do with some more powerful highlights/shading

    @Penguin - This will accompany the first swathe of Wahmmer 7th edition releases I guess, so expect it late summer or autumn this year

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    Could it be another Seb (perbet) sculpt?

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    I agree with Ainu, makes me want to break out with the NG horde, with the new Giant, it would be a hoot! (I would have to buy another Giant, as mine is converted for my VC posted soon, I promise) What does everyone think of the new 7th ed goblins in the box set? I am not sure I like the spider riders, but, it is cool to see GW return to some of their old ideas.

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    I like them dispite what people seem to see as declining standards. However, realize that those are the ones that appear in the new -starter- boxed set, which means that the other ones will not be like them, but instead, multi-part plactics. However, continueing on GWs current plastic lines, they will likely be very few individual parts compaired to the current line. Most likely only body, arms, and cloaks will be seperate, probably best for me to start loading up on the old sets now while I still can to get some of my conversion crazyness out of the way.

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    And now it\'s out!

    I just have no money :D

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    Default skarsnik and the big g

    glad to see most of you like the mini. just gettin the hang of gobbos now. t\'wasn\'t seb p that sculpted this one but i\'m flattered one of you thought so. mike a

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    Did you sculpt it? :o

    Hmm.. GW mini designer.. I guess so!

    That is a great mini, definetly the best of the new orc and gobbo line!

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    Its a fair mini. does it come with the 40mm base or do these guys get base seperately. I like that they are making th e new gobbos back to a more reasonable size. The last batch were over 6 foot tall and 4 foot across. These ones are more 3-4 foot tall.

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    They are both on the same base, and i think its a sculpted base, with little mushrooms!

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    I like the skarsnik an gobbla models very mush! I\'m thinking about bying one just for the sake of painting. :D

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