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    Default Military, or Non - Military

    Its not surprising that the world of Military modelling,( which is my home planet ),has got a lot of ex/forces people in it.I have travelled all over the world & not just found comrades in paint & putty but also old soldiers like me, with the usual plethora of hillarious & comic adventure stories !( From Vietnam Vets to crazy French & Italian special forces specialists ). I have been wondering wether this part of the modelling universe has its fair share of old soldiers .. sailors or ,airmen? If so , let us know ? :cool: GOD bless .......VINCENTI P.S , \" 2 things fall out of the sky . bird crap & Paratroopers\"..........I was the 2nd thing , :D lol

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    Well, a very large proportion of men here in Sweden have done a year of conscript military service. I was an MP in the Swedish army for a little while :cool:

    btw, shouldn\'t this be in general discussion? Or does this have something to do with painting and conversions that I\'m just not seeing? :D

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    Like Sebastian I did a year\'s service in the military. I, however, was too weak and, maybe foremost, too uninterested to do real soldiering, so I was more or less an errand boy. :D I did my time (that\'s how I see it... ;)) at an educational centre for higher officers. It was quite an alright way, after all, to relax a year after school before going to university. I didn\'t learn much about soldiering, but I learned quite a bit of social skills during the time.

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    I use wargaming as an outlet for any militaristic/aggressive impulses because I am opposed to the use of violence in the real world.

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    It is something I kind of regret, not joining the armed forces. I was much too interested in keeping my hair long, chasing girls, and drinking beer.

    If I had joined back then, I could have been almost to retirement age now (20 years and out).

    I have lots of respect for military folks.

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    Well I\'ve never been in any of the armed forces, but my father was in the Royal Air Force, and guess what..............

    He was modelling mad, mostly Aircraft and boats.

    I guess this is where my passion started, but I choose GW and Rackam instead!

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    Default Derr ! Wrong forum

    ??? Yes Sebastian your right ,I stuck this on the wrong Forum. This is what happens when you let a computer illiterate technophobe loose on a site. Oh and by the way I claim my prize, CMONs \"Numpty of the year \" ! ( does any one have the power to move it to the right place ?) GOD Bless .........Adie

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    Default I have the power!!


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    Default USE IT BRO !!!

    GO for it Supervike, put us were we are supposed to be! I feel all unattached and disjointed,like I am here but not really all here . I first got this feeling 2 days after my 40 th birthday,as the years slip by its becoming more frequent , is it a mid-life crisis ?Please wont somebody help me ? ??? GOD bless VINCENTI

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    Originally posted by supervike
    keeping my hair long, chasing girls, and drinking beer
    Those are all important and respectable tasks! You shouldn\'t regret taking them upon yourself, Jim! :D

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    US Marine, 16 years of service, four until retirement. Gulf 1, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Afganistan, Iraq.

    I do Warhammer Fantasy and 40k as a break from the real military. The hobby shop I go to is about 90% Marines, but it\'s a marine town....Jacksonville, NC

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    Originally posted by supervike
    I was much too interested in keeping my hair long, chasing girls, and drinking beer.
    Judging by my friends in the military, you only would have given up the hair. (and I know how hard that can be - my barber didn\'t want to do it for me)

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    Default acdc

    4 years US army infantry, 10th mountain division. \'88-\'92 Ft. Drum, NY.

    Wargaming and minipainting are/were a pleasant break from the realities of military life.

    I was already a fan of miliary models and such from childhood, going into the military seemed like the next logical step.

    had to get out though in \'92, bad knee and decided against getting a shiny new steel one and not being able to do what I wanted to do anymore, I chose to get out.

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    It\'s gettin\', it\'s gettin\'
    It\'s gettin\' kinda hectic.
    (take it supervike)

    Originally posted by supervike
    I have the power!!

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    I owed the Navy a bit of time in exchange for sending me to school.

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    We had a conscript army in the Netherlands too. I was in the army (radio operator) a few years before this ended and we went for a purely professionals army.

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    Dirt Sailor in the US Navy here.

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    6 years in the NJ National Guard.

    Infantry, RATT operator and light and heavy vehicles operator MOS\'es.

    GAR, the Little Brown Jug still exist around Ft. Drum?

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    MB, So when were you in? Must have been a while ago to be in a RATT Rig! I was MSE for 3 years, stationed at Ft. Hood, to date myself, I was one of the first MSE Operators when it was introduced. OK for non military/signal folks... I was 3 years US Army Mobile Systems Equipment Operator, I ran the radio equipment for mobile phones before there were mobile phone in the general public. :)

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    Well..I was a girl guide and also a Vice Captain - does that count ???

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