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Thread: What Camera Do you use??

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    My main camera is a Canon digital SLR, but I also many other cameras and I read about all types of photography. In other words, I'm not sure this blog to meet the specific needs throughout the world more than he already does, anyway.

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    Camera: Nikon D80 lens: vfr 18-200 lighting: a very cheap desk-lamp with a PL11W lamp...and it works :-)

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    Pentax K10D. Usually a Sigma EX 28mm f1.7 macro or my Sigma EX 105mm f2.8 macro. Lights- I'm working on it. Normally just by my Ott light I work with.

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    Used to have a Nikon D3 / SB900 / Micro-Nikkor Macro lens - 105 mm - f/2.8 / Manfrotto wildlife aluminium Tripod.

    Now have a Panasonic GF1 / Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod / Saving up for Macro lens.

    The Nikon D3 was amazing, without exaggeration, it was amazing... but it was so bulky with all the glass I had for it that I didn't take it everywhere. I can have the GF1 with me all the time and while my photos aren't as good, it's ready when I need it.

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    I use eos 450 and 50mm. Camera is not important as lens are responsible for quality of pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mis View Post
    Camera is not important as lens are responsible for quality of pic.
    In which case people would be best advised to pick up a used Canon 1D or D30. It's a commonly held belief and it's a crock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemunkie View Post
    In which case people would be best advised to pick up a used Canon 1D or D30. It's a commonly held belief and it's a crock!
    Its only really a half truth in digital. Mostly sound advice carried over from film days. In a studio environment, shooting in raw mode I'd take either of those cameras and an L series lens over a high end modern body with a cheap Chinese knock off lens. Outside of the studio it becomes more complex, but it you're buying a camera from the last generation or two, you're still usually served better spending money on quality lenses than a really high end body. Bodies come and go. Lenses endure. When you go below DSLR's all bets are off.

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    Nikon D300. I usually use a 50mm prime lens as it gets super sharp pics.

    Here's my setup - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN51v9Kj1KM

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    Iphone 4, easy to use and get decent results. HOWEVER i cant use proper camera's not to the extent of you lot anyway.

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    A Kodak M763 that my girlfriend gave me.


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    3 or 4 year old (?) Nikon Coolpix 5400. And a remote shutter release(invaluable IMO, for me anyways) I may not get incredible results from it, but I don't think they look half bad.

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    Nikon D5000 - there is nothing better than a DSLR

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    Just got a sony a390, now I gotta learn to use it lol

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    Olympus Pen 1 ....... I just love that camera! :-D

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    dSLR is cool, I use old Canon 300d and it does great. though i've seen many people do magnificent photos using normal 'tourist' camera. I don't think there is much difference as for making photos of minis..

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    I have a Canon 7D with a Sigma 1.4 50mm lens and a Tokina 2.8 11-16mm. Not exactly the perfect lenses for mini photography, I mostly chose them because they are excellent for video as well as still photography, but do fine. Still don't own a tripod though. It's on the list!

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    I am with you there!
    Quote Originally Posted by papatroll View Post
    Olympus Pen 1 ....... I just love that camera! :-D

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    I am using the Kodak Easy Share 12.2 megapixel with a 3x optical lens. While it is not the greatest camera it gets the job done. I also use Photoshop to edit my pictures when needed but by paying attention to the details of the picture it has proved adequate for my needs.
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    I keep all of my minis and other gear in a toy chest and use it when I do trade shows.

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    Thumbs up what kind of camera do you ues ?

    I'm planning to buy a canno after i have searched many materials and it seems work well.

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    I use a Canon 7D w/ a Canon 100 mm macro lens and a Manfrotto 055MF3 tripod w/ a 322RC2 "joystick" ball head ... the 322RC2 definitely makes it very easy to compose shots because it's so easy to manipulate the camera position.


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