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Thread: What Camera Do you use??

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    I use Canon 7D with round Lens flash unit to give a good all round coverage. Also use a a custom built "White Room" wich reduces the shadows. Basically a cardboard box with White plastic walls. Cheap but works.
    Main lens 50mm prime 70mm Zoom, don;t need Macro lens if you have your Focal length and focus areas sorted

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    The missus uses a Canon Rebel T2i, because she's a professional photographer. If she's not around, I'm forced to use my phone's camera.

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    An i phone - hence the shite photos LOL
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    I use Samsung NX200,large 3.0" AMOLED display and stunning 3D images.
    The Speed Capture is also good.

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    i use the GE HZ1500.
    its quite a good camera, 16MP, 14 zoom, all the modes, and only cost £120, i think it was on a discount.

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    I so envy you guys, I own a Samsung digital camera. I hope I can buy a DSLR camera.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orb View Post
    Although it\'s impossible to get people to write what camera they use in the comments on their submissions, it is possible to post in this thread what camera they use, and also to possibly include a link to their gallery, and any other relevent information.

    I\'ll start the ball rolling:

    Canon 20D DSLR, 50mm compact macro lens for pictures from 2005 onwards.
    Casio 3000EX prior to that.

    My Gallery

    I use a tripod, and 2 x 20W daylight florescent bulbs, and a shutter release cable
    Post processing using photoshop; levels/resize/sharpen/Save4Web

    Still Learning.

    Considering reshooting some earlier pieces

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    Dick... also what did you take the picture with?

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    i think i posted this before but to hell with it.

    kodak cx7525


    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemunkie View Post
    What no pics?

    Hate you. Can I have one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemunkie View Post
    What no pics?

    What do you think of the Small Sony Camera, I am thinking of getting one

    They don't make dragons like this any more...

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    NEX 5? Excellent little camera. DSLR image quality (better than the Canon 7D I owned) in a tiny little body. Don't expect DSLR autofocus speeds and prepare yourself for a compact camera experience in terms of controls. If you use flash a lot, you might want to look elsewhere as there's no onboard flash. The screw in jobbie you get with the camera is a bit lame. I have 'proper' cameras for flash though

    There is a lack of lenses compared to other systems (Micro 4/3 stuff from Olympus and Panasonic for example) and many bang on about Sony F mount lenses being too big. Even with the kit lens attached, the thing is still tiny and very light, so it's not really a criticism I see much validity in. It's just larger than a micro 4/3 camera/lens combo. But it has a much larger sensor and better image quality. Horses for courses...

    The other bonus is that you can fit almost any lens on the thing with cheap adapters. Every lens in that picture fits the NEX

    You can pick up an older NEX 5 for very little, especially used. If you're not interested in using an electronic viewfinder then I'd say go for the 5 over the new 5N. The NEX 3 and C3 are also worth a look and will give you near identical pics in a cheaper body.

    This is the sort of thing to expect with a decent lens on the front:

    NEX 5 & Zeiss Contax G 90mm 2.8

    NEX 5 & Pentax K 28mm 2.8
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    Just got a free minolta 300xs, its film though so wont be using it for minis :P

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    SpaceMunkie we soooo need a camera review thread and have it stickied. I love that first photo, you can see every color variation in every hair on his head.

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    I take a Canon EOS 500D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemunkie View Post
    Aye, agree with that. The difference IRL wouldn't be huge for that sort of stuff though. The monstrous DOF of the smaller sensor would help keep everything sharp and the G11 has a faster lens. Rebel gives you more fps. It'd be close

    Anyway, this thread is a load of old toss without pics, so here are some from today with my S90. A rusty old J Type Bedford pickup being used as a sign for a shop:
    I kinda agree - I'm in the market for a new camera but people just listing what they own isn't quite helpful What might be better is: here's my camera and here's one of the best mini photos I've taken with it (so people can judge the performance etc)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
    What might be better is: here's my camera and here's one of the best mini photos I've taken with it (so people can judge the performance etc)?
    That's equally as pointless as so many other factors play a part in the quality of the final photo. It's possible to take perfectly decent looking photos of miniatures with dog-awful cameras.

    Read reviews, test if you can and only buy quality, i.e. the stuff that has had the best reviews in its class/price range. That said you can take decent mini pics with pretty much any digital camera that's available at the moment. It's not a particularly demanding task for a camera: well lit subject, tripod, plenty of time to get settings right and to review/re-shoot etc.

    First question to ask yourself is "How much do I want to spend"...

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    In my humble opinion, if you already have a digital camera, don't go and purchase another one. If all you want to do is photos of minis to post on the web, it should be enough. The minis don't run, usually they stay were you put them, so you have complete control over the environment, in order to use your camera to its full capabilities. Here are two photos that I've made to prove this point in a Portuguese modelling forum:

    One was made with a P&S and the other with a DSLR (can you see which is which)?

    Much more important will be the way you light the mini. Here's my set up for those photos:

    Notice that my light source in not close to the model. That would create very strong shadows. I have one single light source some 2 meters away from the miniature. With the tripod, exposure time is not an issue and you can use 30 secs (or more) of exposure if necessary. Just figure out what works best for your camera.

    Here's a link for a small tutorial I've posted on another forum, if anyone is interested in some particular set up:

    Just my 2 cents!


    Marco Preto

    P.S.: Btw I mainly use a 7 years old Nikon D50 with the kit 18-55 basic lens, but have used others (not DSLR) with nice results also.
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