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Thread: What Camera Do you use??

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    Default What Camera Do you use??

    Although it\'s impossible to get people to write what camera they use in the comments on their submissions, it is possible to post in this thread what camera they use, and also to possibly include a link to their gallery, and any other relevent information.

    I\'ll start the ball rolling:

    Canon 20D DSLR, 50mm compact macro lens for pictures from 2005 onwards.
    Casio 3000EX prior to that.

    My Gallery

    I use a tripod, and 2 x 20W daylight florescent bulbs, and a shutter release cable
    Post processing using photoshop; levels/resize/sharpen/Save4Web

    Still Learning.

    Considering reshooting some earlier pieces

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    I use a Canon A45 or something similarly old from that line, on macro mode:)

    For lights, I have one of those ott lites in front of the mini (not above) with a paper napkin on it to diffuse light.

    I then use photoshop to resize it and for the auto-levels function.

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    I use a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z1. Works well enough for me.


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    nikon coolpix 7600.

    and i have started using photoshop to do the light levels and add background.

    for the photo taking i also use a light tent and a full spectrum twin tube lamp. (it\'s like having a light switch on the sun:D)

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    I have a Fujifilm S7000, a small tripod, a light tent and two 20W fluorescent lights (daylight 6000K)

    I\'m also using photoshop to resize the images and add a background.

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    Poloroid Instamatic

    It could help explain my low scores...:rolleyes:

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    I have a Nikon Coolpix 5400 but I don\'t think I\'ve actually used it for any of the photo\'s in my gallery :D Those were all taken with a coolpix 3200


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    I gotsta Nikon Coolpix 5400 as well. It is a great camera and I know there are a good number more at cmon who use it too.

    Here\'s a picture of a mini I painted yesterday as a bonus for a commission.

    Any flaws in the picture are from my inability to use the camera; this camera can do it all (I bought it on ebay and it didn\'t come with the manual).

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    I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-P100, it\'s okay for macro uses, great for anything else. Hopefully i can lend Sebastians camera for future miniphotography! :)

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    I use a Fuji S602Zoom.

    I tend to use this in Arperture priority mode on either Macro or Super Macro setting, using a tripod, 3 daylight lamps a light tent and cable release. Finish off in Photoshop with levels, croping and save4web.

    Considering majority of my work is 10mm scale it\'s a good camera.

    Link to my gallery is below in my sig :)

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    Nikon Coolpix 5000, Remote release and tripod.

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    Just bought a Canon Eos Rebel, more camera than I probably will ever need. I\'m still learning how to use it. I decided to get the SLR because I wanted to do very different things with one camera (i.e., macro shots for CMON, high-speed sports photography, low-light shots etc). I need to get a tripod for it and set up a light box.

    The lens that comes with the camera is very basic. Actually, if anyone on here has a recommendation for a good macro lens for me, I\'d take it.

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    Default nice cameras

    Sony DSC-F707


    that one :)


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    Fuji Finepix 9500, tripod and PS CS to do mine. Need a good lighting set up next.

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    Canon 20D, 85 f/1.8 with extension tube EF 12 II, and a pair of alien bee 400w strobes.

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    Canon 350D DSLR, 60mm EF-S macro lens
    Feisol tripod, RRS head
    EZ-Cube light cube, 2 daylight bulbs
    light photoshop PP.


    I haven\'t reshot old pictures in cmon, but I have reshot everything (600+ photos
    :drunk:) on my web site.

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    I was using Canon Powershot A70 (all the pictures in my gallery except for the last one). Right now, it\'s Canon 350D DSLR with Sigma 18-125 lens, but I haven\'t yet tried this combination. I want macro lens!

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    For the last 8 months, a Nikon D50 with a Tamron 28-75mm lens that has a great macro focal built in. Before that I was using a Casio 3000EX.


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