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Thread: What Camera Do you use??

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    I am using Digital IXUS 100 IS.
    I think this is very good camera for me, at least for beginners.

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    That's quite a collection of cameras SM! I'm having enough trouble just figuring out the one!

    I've had more opportunity to play with my Canon XSi, and all it proves is what a terrible photographer I am! However, it is brilliant at action shots, and once I figured out how to get Ubuntu to import the RAW images from the camera I've found that getting the RAW images to look something like the models do in real life as JPGs takes a fraction of the time.

    Granted, my old camera is a 3MP oly that was well behind the tech curve even seven years ago when I bought it.

    However, after the camera a person might also want to consider another $300 or so for photography classes. All the books I've found at the local library assume a certain minimum skill with photography that's difficult to teach oneself.

    The macro is not strictly needed, but getting depth of field right with the stock lens is a bit tricky.

    The SLR does indeed kick all sorts of butt if action shots (kids) are also something you want to take photos of. The speed of the thing compared to point and shoots is surreal. You just aim it and blast away, so it's much easier to get candid shots like this one.
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    Nikon D80 still... and using a Tamron 90mm macro for minis and other stuff.
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    Still using the same trusty old Sony Cybershot P100 as I have used since the beginning of 2005. I recon I'll be buying a new one soon, I need some more settings and it would be nice with a camera that captures a bit more dynamic range and details. But I have to say, I've taken over 20 000 photos with it and it still works like a charm. What a gem! Truly one of my best buys.
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    Nikon D60 and Sony HDR-SR12 for video. I know more about the camcorder though, my sister's the household photographer.

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    Nikon D60 with standard 18-55 lens.

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    I have started recently use Nikon D90 with the following lens : AF Micro-Nikkor 60 mm f/2.8D . I still have a problem with field of depth.
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    Nikon D300 with a 50mm f1.8 lens. my baby

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    Just got an Olympus PEN-1 with a 35mm f3.5 Macro, looking forward to trying it out!

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    Nikon D80 with my lens being a Nikon 60mm Macro, got some great close ups as well as some all round general shots of wildlife with it since I got it two years ago.

    Now need to get a new 18 - 55mm lense though or something similar as the one I have doesn't want to be recognised by the camers anymore (
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    I see I'm going to have to upgrade the photographic equipment. I just build a lightbox and going to give it a go this weekend, but the only camera I have is a little Sanyo pocket cam. It's digital with 8.1 mb, I've used it before and pics turned out halfway decent; but pretty sure they'll be much better with the lightbox.

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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7. Still getting to grips with all of it's functions and playing with lighting to get the shots right (I have some pix just not posted them yet)

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    I am using a Finepix S1500 at the moment. hope at some time soon to move on a D-SLR..
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    i'm use Canon 50D
    Lens Tamron AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR
    Lens canon fix 50 f1.8
    Lens sigma 70-300 DC Apo Marco


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    Nikon D50 with the kit 18-55mm lens. Ive got a photo booth from Maplins.

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    i use a cheapo kodak fine pix, and a cheapo desk top lamp from argos. the results are ace.

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    All that proves is that photographing miniatures is not particularly demanding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacemunkie View Post
    All that proves is that photographing miniatures is not particularly demanding...
    Well said, i agree.

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Fron now on, I will be mostly using my brand new Canon 5D Mk2

    full frame here I come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJB View Post
    Canon Ixus 950IS

    Printed blue gradient and two daylight flourescents.

    No tripod or remotes for the extra danger

    Now that is living dangerously...

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