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Thread: A GW challange for none but the brave.

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    Two things eh? Easy

    Brian Nelson and Jes Goodwin. Best sculptors on the planet.

    And I offer up their customer service as a little extra. GW is costly but they make sure they fix mistakes, and without trying to make you feel like a criminal...

    And I\'m a little perplexed as to why Vincenti has suggested that I\'m one of the good things about GW ???

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    The new wood elves and the tau/kroot.

    Oh and nearly all the other stuff they do.:D

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    Didnt I see G.W. effigies in the background of your last photo posted ! Aha got ya , its no use denying it . You are linked to them, or have been .. , or should be ,,or could be ! :cool:

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    Originally posted by SJB
    And I\'m a little perplexed as to why Vincenti has suggested that I\'m one of the good things about GW ???
    Maybe because your Lady Jena Orechiel from the inquisitor line is a wonderful miniature ;)

    My two bits:
    - gorkamorka miniatures
    - almost all the \'90 miniatures

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    I\'m with Steve on one point:

    1/ Jes Goodwin and Brian Nelson (oh, wish both were sculpting more.....)

    2/ The rich background to 40K - allowing such excellent subjects to model.

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    1. Sisters of Battle

    2. Games Day

    3. Space Marines go together like legos with many variations possible

    4. Fluff

    5. Black Library novels

    6. The glue in the spines of White Dwarf is laced with cocaine that I inhale as I read.

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    brought me into the hobby (although some may see that as a -ve thing!)
    i got a free gorkamorka boxed set with a years sub of w.d. once. that was a good day!

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    Originally posted by KingM
    -> Creating a stable and large base of customers that helps the smaller companies to survive and develop by providing them with a market to sell to


    -> The Tau. We really like the Tau
    Both very good points :D I really like the Tau though I don\'t paint them due to my avoidance of buying whole squads. They are a clever use of \"anime style\" which incorporates some pretty unique aesthetics and ideas.

    Their Chaos powers fluff is pretty cool to be sure, it\'s clearly designed to allow the Chaos player to really \"role play\" on the game table, as it were, and really understand/appreciate their evil horde\'s motivations. Which might be difficult otherwise, for a well-adjusted individual :)

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    they never made me put on a suit.

    they didn\'t mind me having long hair or a shaven head or a long beard when i was employed by them.

    the metal lotr minis are kick ass.

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    Jeremy Vetock and Dan Abnett

    also Monkeyboy

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    - John Blanche

    - Background, even though the past gets changed constantly.

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    Old Citadel Minis

    My Citadel River Troll

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    - the fact that it exists and did so much for miniature hobby.

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    Ork vehicles

    oh, and do they still to the Bitz Bus? That was a very cool service.

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    Oh endless stuff, they may be going down the pan now but in their day they brought me nothing but joy, here are but a few of those special moments-

    1) The Lord of the Rings range, wonderfully simple and realistic rules and quality sculpting on anything that came from the film.

    2) Marine plastics, the definative ideal of a plastic kit. That the system of construction has lasted unblemished for nearly all the 8 years i\'ve been playing truly shows the foresight and craft of that particular range.

    3) The sculpters- Jes Goodwin, Brian Nelson and the Perry Brothers predominantly but Juan Diaz has made his mark and the forgeworld team are a practical SAS of sculpters.

    4) Acknowledgement of their roots. This mainly comes across in the immense amount of parodies, references and various other bits and peices from their background which even becomes educational, allowing a window into a huge wealth of different topics and areas of history.

    Those are the 4 most pertinent things which i admire GW unceasingly for, pity most of them have either been promoted or catagorised into obscurity or are otherwise in the hands of people doing them no favours.

    Dr Death

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    :) the paints
    the new wood elves
    the complementary mini with my order
    the box they ship in
    the fast shipping

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    -The variety of paint colours and the names they can come in e.g. snot green, vermin brown. brilliantlol
    -Like Bill said, spare bases and the packaging can come in useful too
    -The in-store order point. only used it once but it was good!!!!:)

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    To add more:D:

    The paints

    The miniatures

    Great mail order

    They helped make our hobby what it is today

    The \'Eavy Metal Team

    The sculptors

    The artists

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    Wow, didnt think it could be done.

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    Default hehe

    1) forgeworld
    2) Lizardmen
    3) forgeworld :P
    4) Tomb Kings :)


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