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Thread: Stompa Gargant W.I.P.

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    wow! this is one solid piece of scratch building! i feel you on the gun though....perhaps its the recoil springs that im not in to. the arm and legs are fantastic though! i cant wait to see work on the body!

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    realy amazing stompa... can\'t wait to see more

    keep up the good job

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    With regards to painting it, maybe Vallejo Smokey ink on top of the boltgun metal would be a good option. I prefer this to washes on metals as it doesn\'t tend to pool as much and adds a bit of texture and interest to the surface. You probably wouldn\'t want to use that with an airbrush though, as the particle size would likely clog it

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    While I was stewing the gun arm over, I decided to start making some of the stuff that goes on the back - namely, the grot bomb. I realize in the original art, it isn\'t one, but I also love the idea of the grot bomb launcher (courtesy of forgeworld) and will be modifying it slightly into one. I will be armor-plating this and adding a bit more detail, obviously, but you can get an idea of how it\'s shaping up so far from the pictures.

    I managed to get two urban basing kits from my local hobby store today, as well, which should help a good deal for basing this beast!

    Also, I had a very interesting idea...

    With some modular magnetic action, I could remove the grot bomb and change it up for a basilisk earthshaker cannon depending upon what the game required. ;) I really like the way it looks up there, honestly - I think it must be done.

    Lastly, look what I got my lootin\' hands on!

    The best hobby store manager in the world hooked me up with the perfect addition to the base/underside of the raised foot. \"I was planning on getting a giant anyway, so I thought I\'d give you the gobbo\". <3 <3 <3 to Scott at Hi-Way Hobbies, although I know he doesn\'t read this. Or at least, I think he doesn\'t, as he acts surprised everytime I bring something in for his suggestions. ;)

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    See if this works any better, design-wise. Any comments are appreciated on the design! I\'m still strongly considering making the bottom barrel a big shoota, though.

    Also, another question - for anyone familiar with using housing insulation foam, would this be the best method of making the barrel \'braces\' (the large things that go around both barrels and form the overall profile of the gun). I can\'t picture that framing shape working out with plastic, but I don\'t like the idea of working with foam for the cannon because I\'ve never done something with it before and I understand it melts unless you coat it with pva glue, which would ruin the surface, no?

    Really, what I\'m trying to figure out is how I could get a 4\" long block of that framing shape that I could drill barrel holes in.

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    I\'m afraid I can\'t help you there. Sculpting might be the answer :idea: Is the stompa going to be movable and shootable then? It\'s awesome so far :wow:

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    Just wow!!!!

    I had started making my own out of a defiler , an old land speeder,killa kans and a few tanks but that is going straight in the bin after seeing this!!!

    You are truly talented, and also extremeley jammy getting hold of 2 urban basing kits, everyone I know had trouble getting hold of 1 thanks to GW\'s infinite wisdom and selling them on splash release.

    Please PM me when this is finished as I am hooked on your progress, I forsee a slayer sword...

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    Well, I\'ve been busy prepping presents and such for father\'s day tomorrow, but I did manage to do a little bit more work to this thing\'s control grotpit.

    Just some random bitz and machinery. The hole in the middle is for me to stick a grot engineer in later, maybe. I figure it helps break up the flatness of the back, anyway. I\'m not too concerned with details as it gets closer to the top, as I am increasingly sure that it\'ll end up being concealed once the head is on anyway.

    Here\'s what I\'m thinking for the rest of the interior:

    Grot \'captain\' at the front center wearing one of those imperial comissar hats and \'steering\' the gargant with a large boat wheel

    One to either side of him working the levers - and an extra one getting in the way of one of the side grots, trying to clamber around him to the controls.

    Also, for reference, those circular magnets above the middle are the beginnings of the joint for the neck to attach to, so that I will eventually be able to remove the head for easy painting.

    I may just change the concept\'s plans a little bit and remove the upper arm section of the gun arm, so I have a shoulder-joint mounted cannon. Still thinking about that a bit - I tried foam and such, but I\'m not a fan of the material and the way it cuts, so I\'ll probably wander around the hobby store looking at tanks and stuff until I find something captivating. ;P
    I\'m thinking I need to put a flamer in this stompa\'s mouth for a little extra killyness. ;P

    I keep jumping around on this thing, but at least I\'m making a bit of progress here and there.

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    Its so amazing how similiar it is to the drawing.

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    Why dont you use plastic card. You can get it at any thickness up to about 7mm (and maybe thicker) You just use as many bits as you need and thenuse plasticard to build the sides etc. Its stronger than foam board once the glue drys too.

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    Definately go for the grot captain in hat, a ship wheel would be sweet. In fact this is one of the best things I\'ve seen on this sit for an age in terms of scratch built from stuff...PROPER ORKY. Nice one, I\'m totally blown away.

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    Give the grot an eyepatch and hook-hand :D

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    Now, I want you guys to know that the grotpit is not near finalized yet. The grots are going to get a little more work done - these photos help point out mold lines I missed and the likes - and also, the captain\'s going to get a hat and maybe an eyepatch.

    Also, because my mother\'s a huge trekkie fan, she did actually name them. From left to right:

    Cap\'n \'Urk (Captain Kirk), Sprocket (Spock), and Snotty (Scotty).

    I may change their names around a little and add \'snotty\' in as a grot sticking up out of the hole behind them, in an adequate pose to suggest that maybe he\'s yelling \'We\'z cannae do it, cap\'n! I\'z givin\' \'er all shez got!\' - although it may be a bit of a tight fit. The grots are all removable at the moment so that I can adequately paint the interior unobstructed - they\'ll be glued in afterwards. Until then, they\'re free to roam around. :P The cap\'n does also have a peg leg, but I doubt it\'s discernable.

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    Well I think this project is fantastic.
    I am really impressed with the level of detail you have put into this.

    Its the little things that make a great mini a fantastic one.

    I think this is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!

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    Armored! Pending rivets now, and the armored skirting until I figure out if I\'m going to use staples as the \'joint\' that they hang from or not. And the chains and such, maybe a few extra hatches, you get the idea.

    Before plating it, I banded the plastic towards the bottom so that it would assume a sort of conical shape instead of cylindrical, with the plate\'s tops pointing in towards the grotpit a little bit to match the picture.

    And then added plating and some battle damage

    Next is a rivet job once I feel that all of the surface details I want have been added.

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    Wow, that\'s superb work!!! Incredible!!! I\'m looking forward to see the stompa finished and painted

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    Jamsessionein, if you do not give this a paint job to do justice to the model I will cry :P Your battlewagon is fantastic, but I\'m hoping you can go one better on the stompa :D

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    Originally posted by jamsessionein
    I may change their names around a little and add \'snotty\' in as a grot sticking up out of the hole behind them, in an adequate pose to suggest that maybe he\'s yelling \'We\'z cannae do it, cap\'n! I\'z givin\' \'er all shez got!\' - although it may be a bit of a tight fit.
    if you don\'t put him in the hole, you might convey the idea by giving him a kilt. A tam might work if he\'s in the hole.
    Could you put a little Moe hairpiece on Sproket?

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