How do add mulitple pictures to a submission to CMON?
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Thread: How do add mulitple pictures to a submission to CMON?

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    Default How do add mulitple pictures to a submission to CMON?

    So, how do you add multiple pictures to a single CMON picture submission? Thanks.

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    You don\'t. If you want to present multiple views as one submission, collage them together into one image using a graphics program. Some people just submit front and back as separate submissions but there are others here who don\'t like that much ;)

    Welcome to the forums, BTW :)

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    Thanks for the reply, I was afraid that was the case.

    Any tips on what (free) software will do that?

    If not, I\'ll see what I can dig up in the articles.

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    Originally posted by No Such Agency

    If you aren\'t already savvy with graphics programs, I recommend staying well away from GIMP. It\'s a 100% free, wonderful, highly complex and powerful program, but the price you pay may be in hours of frustration. Also, it\'s designed to run on Linux, and crashes unpredictably on a Windows based PC. (like mine just when I had figured something out after hours and hours!! :flame: )

    Instead, I\'d recommend Pixia.
    It\'s certainly not bug-free, but it is also 100% free, and has a much simpler interface.

    I get a lot of my freeware from Snapfiles. They have an entire section devoted to graphics. Under \"image editors\" in graphics, they have 18 different freeware programs at this time.

    Should you choose to buy, I\'d recommend Jasc Paintshop pro. You can usually pick up a used version for $40-$50 dollars, well worth it IMHO.

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    check out spacemunkies tutorial

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