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    These are two of my pieces (they no longer belong to me) that are up on EBAY for a charity auction benifiting disadvantaged children. I\'m not getting anything out of this other than the pleasure of helping the little tykes out.

    The first one is the piece I did called FIRE!!! - the OSL tank with the big muzzle flash. The secound is a little patrol tank.

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    can I ask why you did it out of the UK Ebay?

    I\'ve loved that tank for quite sometime. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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    Thats because the owner of these minis is currently TEN TO ONE...who I believe does some awesome charity work (and something about a bike ride)....

    I think Shawn is just pointing out that these great pieces (which Shawn did) are now being sold for a worthy cause.

    I could be wrong....

    EDIT...I am currently the high bidder on one!! LOL

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    I remember now!

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    Yeah, there was a thread a while back where a fellow was doing a bike ride for childrens charity and I decided to donate some mini stuff....make them bid\'s skyrocket. Some little kid needs it.

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    osl goodness, mmmmm.

    put a bid in but i doubt it will win.

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    Hi there. Yes, Shawn very kindly sent me a box full of goodies. Indeed all eight of the auctions i have on Ebay at the moment are from him. I couldnt mention in the auction descriptions that all proceeds are going to charity, because that\'s a big no no unless you are a registered charity....
    As ive mentioned before, the money is going to Childrens Hospice South West, who care after terminally ill children. As well as painting a few minis to raise funds i cycled the length of the UK (889 miles) and we reckon 5k will be the total raised once we call in all the sponsorship.... All because of a hand shake after too many drinks one night. :rolleyes:
    Thanks again to Shawn for his generosity and to all you bidders!

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