Hairy monsters - hair or bare?
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Thread: Hairy monsters - hair or bare?

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    Default Hairy monsters - hair or bare?


    I\'m still working on my werebadger (very little sculpting time at the moment) and I\'m trying to decide what to do with the hair. In existing miniatures I see three styles:

    The hair all over style like these:

    And you\'ve got the long hair only and the rest smooth style like the Rackham Wolven and this one:

    And there is a middel style which shows long hair and just a light stuble texture elsewhere. For example:

    What do you prefer and why?

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    I would say it really depends on how feral you want the creature to be: more hair tends to give a more \'beastly\' animal look, while less hair brings out a more human look. That is why I like the Rackham style becuse I think the beast is more impressive if it looks at the same time very savage and very human. Can\'t wait to see your were-badger, whatever solution you choose for your hairy problem.

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    Zecorto: thanks.

    Wat if it comes to painting? I can imagine painters prefering smooth surfaces as this makes blending easier.

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    I prefere more skin and muscles, than too much hair, but thats going to be harder to get right. Good luck anyway:D

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    I like the long hair with bits of smaller fur and lots of smooth bits. Just makes it easier to paint. painting fur isnt easy (well for some of us anyway)

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    I like bits of smooth skin too, amongst heavily haired areas...

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    Thanks for the replies. it\'s interesting to compare them to the ones I got from sculptors. :)

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    i like them smooth with hairy bits :o the only werewolf mini i have loved (although i like that zombie you posted!) is the ilyad games one. dont have a pic sorry

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    I like the way Rackham does their wolfen. That way I can paint a much finer furry effect, which I think looks better than drybrushing a textured model.

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    Are you going to do just a single figure or a whole badger parade?

    Sorry -I\'m getting you confused with Harry Hill.

    What are the chances of that happening, eh? Power of suggestion.

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