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    Rackham has posted a preview of their upcoming Titan dragon in a PDF file. It looks pretty big from the teaser picture. Click on the comments link to see the full extracted image.www.rackham.fr

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    Is this the one from before or another one? Looks bigger, and the pose is different

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    Looks really good, but I wish I could see the wings ! they are always the problem area on dragons for me:D

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    i think they have got it spot on this time

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    *Runs away to steal dragon from rackham*

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    Wow.. judging by the size of this next to the Tarascus.. it\'ll probably be in the $300+ USD price range.. but damn.. it looks sweet.

    Their first dragon let me down.. but I think this may just clear that lil boo boo from the last dragon.

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    Are they releasing that terrain? Its quite über, I like its überness

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    Originally posted by KingM
    Are they releasing that terrain? Its quite über, I like its überness
    The terrain in the pics I liked to?

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    I saw this guy at Origins. He\'s big, he\'s nice, but he isn\'t quite as large as that pic would lead you to believe. Never trust a pic that is take close and from below. lol

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    :o:drool: i ll get one as long as i get it free of course


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    i like that monster( non dragon) i wish i knew how big it was tho. time to start saving up moneys!

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