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    My brother made me a huge custom designed chess table from scratch (he’s a professional cabinet/furniture maker) and I want to add something special to it. I\'m looking for miniatures for chess pieces.

    I would love to find a set of undead that would have enough definition to have pawns/knights/rooks/king/queen etc ... and the same in another race, preferably not humans, something like centaurs or angelic, \'good\' aligned creatures. The problem I am having is finding miniatures to fit the different roles and have them well enough defined that anyone can look at them and tell them apart from one another.

    If anyone knows of a line of miniatures for this please post where I could find them, I\'ve looked through just about every reaper mini and GW mini and I cannot find suitable sets. I can find a model that would work for pawns but then I can\'t find other suitable models in the same line. I would prefer them all from the same line of minis so they have the same type of bases (aka GW with the slot bases and reaper with the little textured bases) I would also be painting these minis myself so I do not want them pre painted or any garbanzo like that.


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    Here\'s a couple of pictures of a chess board with GW pieces made by a friend, the pictures are a bit small but maybe you can find some good idea:

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    Thanks for the pics, but like I said I don\'t want to go with humans. I may have to though if I cannot find any decent other races for them.

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    Try Rackham! They have nice undead minis with plenty of options for different chess pieces. The ragnarok unit boxes are fairly priced and an easy way to get pawns.

    For white pieces maybe you could use Cynwäll elves?

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    i would say rackham are more display quality and would look great as chess pieces

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    I will have to check into Rackham minis, I heard of the company but I didn\'t think they made minis :o

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    Even better, they have a chess-themed box set for the Mid-Nor army, you\'ll need 2 sets for one side of a chess game since there\'s only one bishop, knight and rook in each.

    Court of the abyss

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    You can use any mini range. Just use the small ones for pawns war machines for rooks mounted for knights etc.

    I have in mind to do one for each race but well you know who has the time.

    Good luck post pics.

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    Rackham is probably the way forward for chess set\'s depends what you want. The mid nor box is awesome.
    If going for GW why not try Orcs.
    Gobbos for pawns , boar boyz for knights etc. Also it may be worth having a go at converting some models with a chess theme to make it clearer like the mid nor ones have.
    good luck...

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    Maybe you could even use EPIC or That spaceship one I can\'t remember the name of :) (Battlefleet gothic?)

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    Tried the Reaper Warlord line? Square (GW style) bases - 10 different races. Lots of new mounted minis for use as knights.

    Also, Hirst Arts did a chess set with Reaper DHL Army pacs and Hirst Arts Castles, but I could see using the Columns of good & evil as rooks.

    See set here

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    An idea

    you could always use two opposing sides of the same race. E.g. Dark and High elf.

    Another approach (Again apologies for the GW slant) Is to do a war of the beard chess set, with dwarf\'s and High elves.

    Don\'t know if you\'ll be able to get away from the human type models though. I can\'t think of any off hand.

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    If bases are the main problem for looking unified, I\'d suggest picking bases you like and then choose whatever minis you like that you feel you can put on those bases. (I mean minis you\'ll feel comfortable pinning onto a base.) There are a lot of preformed bases out there these days, so you could even distinguish your two forces further by say having all the undead on swampy bases and all the good guys on meadow bases or something like that. I guess you will need to make sure the figures are pretty securely on whatever bases you choose, as I doubt you can reform chess players into picking things up by the base instead of the figure. ;)

    Also, you might consider painting the basic chess symbols of each figure type onto the base rims. I mean like the standard symbol for pawn, bishop and so on. At the game store where I work, we get a lot of \'character\' type pre-painted chess piece sets in, and the ones where the makers have indicated the piece type on the base are greatly appreciated by the customers.

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    I take it you want to do fantasy. Also sounds like you want them all on the same bases, so bigger bases for the non-pawns is out?
    I\'d suggest halflings v. undead. I think you can find any number or characterful halflings out there.
    The pictured set is nice, but I think it would improve by having the kings at least standing on the stereotypical boulder.

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    I think these kick butt....

    Someday I may even get to paint them!!:D;)

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    Bobbo... you\'re from York? I live in Lewisberry - like 10-15 min away. You shop at Comic Store West? They have Rackham on one of their spinny racks.

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    From that pic, Caesar looks like Bill Mahar.

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    Default Bugger...

    Originally posted by supervike
    I think these kick butt....

    Someday I may even get to paint them!!:D;)
    Do you still want them? It\'s coming up to my holidays now, so I might actually be able to get to a Post Office...:bouncy:

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    Default must have understood my gentle hint!

    If you get the time....

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