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    I have been useing Citadel primer since floquil went out of business. Are there any alternatives outside of armoury which clumps and looks fuzzy due to the humidity in my area. The Citadel primer nozzle clogs up every couple of figures. I have also tried krylon but the spray is not as fine so it tends to pool up. Are there any alternatives i have not heard of?

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    Turning the can upside down after you prime them and giving a quick burst or two will prevent the clogging.

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    Many people on this site just use the \'cheapo\' spray paints from places like Wal-mart.
    They have talked about how effective they are.

    Myself, i brush on the primer. I could never get the primer to have the right coverage when sprayed on. (either too thick, or not enough)


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    I understand your frustration. i too use the GW primer. i\'ve tried alot of different primers and as much as i hate giving GW props, they make a good primer. i\'ve tried the paint on varieties, there good, but i guess im just too lazy; i prefer the sprays. i think it all comes down to personal preference.

    The best way to use the GW stuff is:

    1. dont do continuous spraying, short bursts work best

    2. like Norseone said, turn can upside down and hold down the nozzle untill the can stops spraying.

    3. remove nozzle and soak in warm water for a minute.

    this will prevent any clogging.

    hope this helps untill you find a new primer you like to work with....

    .....beej :cool:

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    Default Cheap alternatives...

    Cheapo I maybe, but it has been used extensively from pple at my hobby shop.

    Bentex - works incredibly. Thin and quick to dry. Rough finish.
    RJ - Thin (slightly thicker than Bentex), quick to dry but smoother finish

    Or else, try using the smelly primer from GW. Water down slightly and brush it on the mini. It somewhat dries to grayish-white on the mini.
    If you want it black, use watered down black paint or any other colours otherwise.

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