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    Default Araby and Cathay Armies

    Recently, I sent an email to GW asking if there is an intent to launch new armies from these two countries. Guess what? No reply.

    Anyone out there knows anything about it?

    Anyone else think that it\'ll be a cool army to collect?

    Basically, they can be themed towards the historical arabic and oriental countries.
    Eg. The chinese mythology is filled with incredible characters that can be employed on the army. The monkey god, the Kirin, the Er-Lang god (god with three eyes), the fox-spirit (a seductress), the elemental spirits, the oriental dragon(air, sea, land, fire), eunuchs, infantry, steppe horsemen...

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    I wouldn\'t be too surprised if the Araby army is somewhere down the line. Now that all of the basic armies have been released for GW\'s 10mm Warmaster Line (as well as the Kislevites to boot), the rumor is that an Araby army will be released for this system next year. Warhammer has a much longer development cycle, so I wouldn\'t expect Araby for at least a year or two after that, if then.

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    Default Nippon and Albion

    Would be nice to get armies from those, nippon samurai army would be best.

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    Here\'s what I know:

    I was chatting with Dave Gallagher at GD LA 2003 and paging through his concept art and there was ALOT of people that looked like Arabians. Also, there was a few that could pass for nomads of the Dark lands (Mongolians). Of course, he doesn\'t know anything about when anything will be out. (I assumed that all GW employees shared a hive mind.) Couldn\'t ask much, as he was chatting with some crazed fanboy who was going over every 40K sketch with him..

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    I don\'t think we\'ll be out anytime soon seeing all the armie they have to do.
    Wood Elves
    Mercenaries ( might have some oriental models )

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    Default Cathay would be cool....

    An army based on Chinese mythology would have endless possiblities.

    I\'d love to see it done up properly.

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    Default whats stopping anyone?

    While dedicated rules for Araby and Cathay would by nice, you can already comfortably approximate an Asian or Middle-Eastern themed force using models from other manufacturers (Perry Bros make a fantastic samurai line). There is no shortage of 25/28mm historical Chinese, Moorish, Mongolian, Japanese figures out there ready for your WFB Cathay or Araby force using either Empire or Dogs of War rules, or both :)

    Want a chinese dragon in your army? Use the rules for Asarnil the dragonlord and make a Dogs of War Cathay army. Want a force of entirely nomadic horseman? Can do with the dogs of war army list using only light cavalry and historical Mongolians or Parthians or Scythians. The possibilities already exist and are quite impressive!


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    Actually, Frenchkid, there was a lot of brettonian art in the same folder, right before the Arabians.... :)

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