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    Default Officer Liddell painted


    here\'s the paintwork for Liddell

    Painted by the rather clever Matt Parkes.

    Liddell painted

    should you be compelled to own one of these fine creatures then drop me a line:


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    Is there a manufacturer name and url for New Model Army that I can add to the manufacturers list?

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    h0w much would one cost what scale is it?


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    Seth I have lost the info you sent me about these bad boys can you re-mail me so I can order them. Cheers mate. By the way fantastic job on that one.

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    Already commented on Spanish-Team forums, but... AWESOME! You\'re both so talented! Well done!! Exclamation mark!!! :bouncy:

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    Looks good Seth. Be over on Thursday afternoon to look at him!


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    Exquisite piece and that green light coming from the LED is incredible real.
    How can I get more infos on the other pieces?

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    Morning all :)

    Robacek: Thank you very much::)

    Chern Ann: :D Just the company name of new model army at the moment, website should be up soon I will send you a p.m. once it\'s live......Manufacturer\'s!!

    Drake Farstrider: Once again thanks :)

    Thecadian: Hi James,
    this piece is 103 mm tall not including base, six resin pieces in all and retails at £30 + £2 P+P.

    tidoco2222 Hey Tim,
    mail sent chap and thank you.

    Penguin: Cheers Bill, sculpt and paint time between me and Matt was four solid weeks of work, so i guess that we have no excuse not to do something pretty cool at least.

    Neil H: cool Neil, see you then. Might even have a mug washed for you if you are really lucky :D
    You will also be able to see the third piece at pretty much sculpt completion. I have been playing about with scale rope and floor polish on this one, dont worry all will become clear

    Kraan: Drop me a mail to the address inthe first post with any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them for you :)

    Ogrebane: Once again, thanks chap :)

    right that\'s enough from me, I really need some sleep. ( where\'s the \"2:30 am knackered\" emoticon when you need it?)


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    THis is so amazing - as I said on the other forum, seeing one of your miniatures painted so well really shows the excellent quality of your sculpting!

    The sculpting and paintwork on this miniature is just so fantastic - congratulations again SEth and Matt, really really well done!


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    Wow that Matt Parkes fellow can really paint....

    And that Capt. Spaulding sure can sculpt...

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    I like it a lot but there\'s one little thing that doesn\'t quite work for me.

    It may be down to the angle it has been shot from, but the eyes are kinda squiffy. It makes it look a bit like he is enjoying a sensation of pleasure in the groinal area.

    Or am I just being odd? It wouldn\'t be the first time.

    The rest of the paint job is scrumtrilecent!

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    Figure looks even better in the hand!

    Thanks for the figure Seth & the next one looks mean!!


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